Happily Ever After

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A cheesy love story! About a girl who meets a guy and just how they fall in love. This is my first story so it may not be that great. It is just about how they meet and what they do together. Anyway this is just the first part of my short story.

Submitted: August 03, 2008

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Submitted: August 03, 2008



It was midway through February, the weather was still cold but the sun was always out shining down upon everyone. The airport was not as stressful with all the checking in of luggage and tickets which was strange Sara thought, as she had always associated it with being chaotic and troublesome. Especially when travelling with her family, as she remembered back to the holidaysfrom her childhood and how it was always an unpleasant experience; full of arguing from her parents and avoidable stress. Although this time was different, Sara was no longer a child, she was 20 years old, an adult and she was travelling on her own to visit her mother in Hong Kong.

Checking her watch the time was 5:00AM, her dad had insisted being at least 3 hours early at the airport, the flight was not until after 8:00AM and she wouldn’t know which gate to go to until at least 7:30AM. After waving goodbye to her father after checking in her luggage, Sara scanned the airport looking for something to do. She hated being alone and felt stupid just standing there. Heading straight over to the only cafthat was open, she picked up a clean tray from were the selection of salads, snacks and cold foods began. She noticed someone look in her direction, so smiled politely at them and picked up an oat flapjack after careful deliberation. Rummaging in her bag looking for her purse, she ordered a cup of tea at the next station that was serving hot food and drinks. Paying for the food she wandered over to a nearby seat in the middle of the room and answered a call from her sister who was already in Hong Kong.

They talked about how their mum was and her state of mind since leaving the UK for good after splitting up with their dad. Not feeling hungry she left her food and went over to WHSmiths and browsed the magazines they had, tempted she bought Elle to add to her collection of 2 trashy magazines in her handbag. The duty free was always the best place to look at stuff. So she headed over to the makeup and skincare counters of Clinique and Chanel determined to look for some goodies. Walking around trying to shake off the feeling of tiredness she bumped into the guy she saw at the caf he nodded and in an American accent said, “Hey.” Sitting down next to him she smiled and said “Hi. I saw you earlier didn’t I? At the caf So where are you heading to?”
“Yeah, I’m just going to Japan for work. What about you?” he replied back gazing into her eyes. “I’m just going to visit my mum in Hong Kong, sort of holiday, what’s your name?”
“Shia,” he said smiling at her.
Laughing and repeating his name slowly, “.. Shia, that’s unusual and also very familiar” she stared intently at him for a moment then excitedly whispered, “you’re from Even Stevens aren’t you?!” She was star struck having never met a celebrity before she giggled stared at him in awe and he laughed with her. They chatted about each other but Sara could still not get over the fact she was actually talking to some famous actor!

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