As I Fought to Sleep Last Night

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Submitted: July 08, 2013

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Submitted: July 08, 2013



My eyes were closed

my body still

I waited for sleep to come.

I am ill

and stressed out

and due for some.

I lay watching the screen

that plays in my head

showing me things that I think about.

I think on various things

ponder everything

so I guess over sleep I can't pout.

Stars, moons and planets

danced in my head

pulsing and bouncing around.

I traveled through space

and time

to find what could be found.

As I moved through space

it moved around me

as fluid as any satin.

I wandered aimlessly

for just a while

wondering where I should batten.

The masses that

swirled around me

created their own little waves.

Paying close attention

I could see

the way space behaves.

Space and time are all the same

as I move I create my own time.

Should I stand still my time will tame

but clocks will still chime.

Were I to break my atoms down

and send them all awry,

my body would be broken down

and I somehow still alive.

For the universe and beyond

is not how we see it

not mysterious and complex.

It moves, therefore it is

and some things move faster

don't let the vastness vex.

Its how were are held together

and how things fall apart,

its how our clocks tick,

how the car makes it to the mart.

It is the reason that we live.

It is the reason that we die.


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