High School ABCs

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Going through high school and the hopes to follow.

Submitted: February 05, 2007

A A A | A A A

Submitted: February 05, 2007



A is for the anonymous in high school

B is for the bold, brave, brazen

C is for the crazy, cool, collected

D is for those detrimental to your health

E is exactly what you're looking for

F is flirty, free, and fun

G is forthe girls you get to know

His happy times and hallelujah moments

I is for ice cream at lunch

J is just chilling with your jolly jimmied cone

K is for your friends that bounce like kangaroos

L is for lazy, i.e. senioritis

M is more than you can handle

N is not measuring up

O is the sound at report card time

P is positively perfect people that get on your nerves

Q is for the quarrelsome guys in squabbles all the time

R is ready to take the world

S is for the stress of a million-person-pressure cooker

T is taking the terrible tests

U is actually understanding what you've learned

V is very very sorry

W is why you're here in the first place

X is the X-ray on the graduation stage

Y is YES!! I'm out of here!

Z is zooming inon what you've accomplished

The ABCs we've learned in school

Were only the fuel

For later on

When we became gone

Gone from the halls

With the bigs and the smalls

Gone from the stress zone

Because we have grown

We have been passed

Through the doors of the last

Place we were before

We got old enough to seek more

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