The Obscene American Dream

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This is a story of the millions of Americans whose jobs were outsourced. They were left with not enough money to pay rent and so they were out on the streets, struggling for food that was good. These are the people below the poverty line who suffer malnutrition and marasmus: making their stomachs bloated and their body deprived. This is a story of America, Africa, and the world over. These are the homeless. These are the dying.

Submitted: February 17, 2007

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Submitted: February 17, 2007



It was often talked about

It was often seen

Nobody ever did anything to stop it

But it seemed so obscene

They were bloated

As they floated

On the wave below the poverty line

Past the everyday dining establishment

Was there anything we could have done

Should have done

Would have done

If we had known?

If we had known what was going on

In all their starving minds

No money to find

An education

Or a tiny ration of food

That was good

They were subject to lewd

Comments about themselves

Can't afford the nickelodeon shelves

If it was often talked about

If it was often seen

Why did nobody do anything to stop it?

It seemed so obscene

With no homes

No TVs for prime time talk shows

In the middle of their day

They cannot work or play

Looking for food

That is good

In the streets

People that do not want to meet

Them ever

Evermore they shall wander

With not a person to ponder

The poor American souls

That were sold to the Dream

That were sold to the reams

Of outsourcing teams

No jobs are left

So they are left

To be often talked about

To be often seen

To have nobody do anything to stop it

They seemed so obscene

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