There is a Light

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Am I the only one who has noticed that the Earth is deteriorating beneath our fingertips...our world is falling apart and it feels like we can do nothing to stop it. But maybe there is something to look forward to?

Submitted: January 08, 2007

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Submitted: January 08, 2007



There is a light

There there there

Is a light


It is held by

The kids that cry

Cry cry cry

Commit suicide

When they see

This Earth’s not where they want to be

As the world chokes with smog

We all sound like frogs


There’s not enough food


Was enough for a while

But now we’re in need



South Asians

They're starving

No sustainment


We used to move forward

Technology, disease containment

But now we’ve moved backwards

Pesticides, we’ve contaminated—our  world


Los Angeles, San Francisco

Tokyo, City of Mexico

My God

Oh oh oh my God

No land visible from satellite dishes

The smoke and the smog

We’re killing the fish is

A dying breed


They’ve been overstretched

Over-fished, over over over

Lemmings are a rodent

They grow in such large populations

They see no discrepancies

Between themselves and others

Finding themselves insignificant


And there is no food

And so suicidal tendencies

The tendency to altruistically jump

Jump jump jump

Fall to their deaths from a clifftop


It feels like high school

We are pushed together

Crammed and jammed

In a pressure cooker

Of stress, we are seemingly insignificant

In that school of 3000 or more

And so we walk

Out the door and

Jump jump jump

Everything is gone



The light

Has dimmed

And the world is just

A little fainter


But there is still a light

There there there

Is a light


Try to see it

© Copyright 2018 Marie Detruis. All rights reserved.

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