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This is a SHORT article about suicide and all...

Submitted: January 08, 2014

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Submitted: January 08, 2014



What is the deal about suicide? Has it increased? Or am I just starting to notice it some more? Maybe, it is some of both. A Lot of young men and women attempt suicide. Sadly, some of them succeed. One of the questions I continually ask myself; "Why commit suicide, and die, when you could be alive and run, play, sing, laugh... live! But, this is coming from a very minor suicidal girl. I was one of those people who had this mindset: "I want to die, but then... I don't." When I was suicidal, I was a chicken! I only did the things like: choking, drowning, starving,(that never really happened!) bulimia, (Maybe that one doesn't count... 'cause I never could get it to work. I only gagged.) and holding my breath. I never tried shooting, hanging, or cutting. Cutting? Sounded kinda painful. Hanging and (or) shooting? What if it worked?

Okay.... Let's migrate to Dreams and visions...
(If you want too. If not... then I guess that's your problem!)

I am a dreamer. Or a seer. (it sounds more grown-up-like.)
Yes, I am a seer. I think you know that... right? Anyways, I had a vision yesterday. Kinda interesting...
Wanna read it? Thought so.

I prayed and cried out to God, (I have been struggling with quiet a few things lately.) I think I cried a little too hard, 'cause I fell asleep. Well, as I laid under a tree in our back pasture, I dreamed. There was a long, winding road. A large castle-like building stretched out as far as I could see. (Probably, heaven.) Anyhow, I began to see people. (The people are us... of course!) People and animals walking together. Then, the animals attacked certain people. Not all of them, but some. They kinda singled them out. (The animals were angels.) The other people, (who were not attacked) kept on walking. They didn't even turn they're heads to the sound of people screaming! The animals turned, followed and soon they were all in these huge, outstanding, beautiful gates. Seven creatures stood on top of a balcony, blowing trumpets. The trumpets, however made a strange, but beautiful sound. (The seven creatures stood for seven of God's names like Abba, Jehovah, etc. The people whom were attacked were dragged off the road by reptileish, ugly, demonic creatures. (demons).

Well, This extremely short post is over!

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