A Dream Come True Dianna's Twist on The Dance of a Life Time

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Dianna's version of that same night and beyond. The names are still changed to protect the identities of all involved to all except for those who know otherwise.

Submitted: June 17, 2012

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Submitted: June 17, 2012



It was a normal day. I, Dianna, saw nothing special about the day until I remembered that the dance was tonight. I'm going to skip the boring details and go straight to the dance. So I put on my hottest dress and went to the dance. I got there at the same time as Matt and Kat. We had to take pictures with our parents and for some reason Matt's parents weren't there. Because of that, they asked me and Kat to take a picture with him. They wanted one of us to put our arm around him and Kat backed out so, of course, I did. Did I mention that I like Matt? So we went into the hall and had dinner where I was sitting with Kesha, Kat, and a few other girls. After dinner we had the dance. I spent the majority of the time with Kat and Kesha. There were a few times where Brady, Matt, and Nate came to bug us though. There were a few fun songs and then the first slow song came on. I had promised Matt a dance during a slow song, but because I like him, Brady and Matt decided to make me wait until the last one. There was another slow song after that and I wanted the last one to come. Finally, it came. Nate had a crush on Kesha for the longest time and was ecsatic when she asked him to dance. Kat felt sorry for Alec and decided to dance with him. It was time. My slow dance with Matt had finally come. We did spend the time talking and making sure that we would keep in touch because he is one of my best friends. I still like Matt a lot and I would give a lot to slow dance with him again. I would give anything to have him like me though for sure. I no that as Nate looks back on it, he wishes it were Kat and not Kesha but he liked it at the time. I wish that Matt and I would talk a lot more and that we would spend more time together. It was like a dream come true.

Until next time everyone,

Dianna :)

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