Pushed to the Limit

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Young man looses brother and father to New York gang and seeks revenge.

Submitted: July 10, 2012

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Submitted: July 10, 2012



Pushed to the Limit by Rolf Luetcke



Something snapped and I picked Speedo up by the hair and loose belt.

“Sheet!  What the fuck you doin man?” he yelled, as I dragged him from the crate he had been sitting on.

“Jees--- Aaaaa----.”

The window shattered as I threw him through the glass.

I walked to the gaping hole where the window had been and cut my hand on a piece sticking out of the frame. I moved my hand and carefully looked out the hole.

Speedo had fallen on a fence and nearly been torn in half by the fall from the 6th floor.

I looked around but there was nobody in the dark alley or on the street I could see from here.

“Asshole” I said to what remained of Speedo.

I went into the other room and tore up one of the sheets from my bed.  It wasn’t clean but nothing in the place was.  I wrapped my hand and walked back into the front room.

I went to the table and picked up the Uzi and a couple of clips.  I shoved the loaded .38 in my pants and headed for the door.

“Sleazy bastards” I said in a low voice.

I cracked the door and glanced down the dark, filthy hallway.  One bulb lit one end but my door was nearly dark.  I eased out and ran to the stairs on my end of the hallway.

As I hit the hallway I heard the pop of a small pistol.  Plaster splattered my cheek as I whipped around the corner.  The stairs were in front of me.

Cliff would expect me to go down, I went up!

I pushed open the door to the roof and ran across to the other side.  There was an alley below but I had tried it once and made it easily.  I sped up a bit when I neared the low wall.  I pushed off and held my breath.  When I hit the other roof I rolled instinctively to break my momentum.  I scooted behind an old cooler unit and tried to catch my breath.

I heard some yelling on the street below and then I heard the roof door slam on the roof I had jumped from.

“Man, I swore that bastard had come up here but Cliff was right, he went down.” I heard the voices fade as they went back down the stairs.

I ran back on the roof and ran back toward the alley again.  I rolled as I cleared the roof, back to the building I had come from.

I went down the stairs slowly and paused at the entrance to look for cliff or his goons.  They were across the street, talking outside one of their vehicles.  Cliff got into his black BMW and took off, tires squealing.  His goons jumped into their Chevy and sped off in the other direction.



Two years earlier, I had left the ranch in Arizona to search for my brother.

He had begged Pops to let him go to school in New York and as soon as he got accepted at school he had gotten in with a bad crowd.

In less than two months he had gotten thrown out of school and had disappeared!

The authorities hadn’t been any help.  Pops had spent a bundle on a detective who had ripped off the hick from the farm.  At every turn Pops had been hurt more.  I was trying to keep things going on the ranch while Pops traveled back and forth to New York.

We were nearly broke and my father’s health had suffered.

Mom had passed away three years earlier and Susie had been killed a year later by that damned horse she had taken in.  He was a mean horse and we begged her to get rid of him.  She was as stubborn as her mother and it had killed her just as mother’s choices had shortened her life.

Loosing Frank was too much for Pops and he did all he could to find his baby.

I had always been the steady one, hard working.  I had gotten good grades in school but I promised to keep the ranch going while Frank went on to college.

Pops had been real sick after his last return from New York.  I think his heart just gave up.  The stories he had told made my normally cool nature boil under the surface.

I didn’t let him know how angry it had made me, and that peace of mind made his last weeks bearable.  He had completely lost faith in human nature and I think my even nature helped him cope.  He didn’t see that under the surface I was fuming.

He had gotten a mortgage on the ranch to keep searching for Frank but when the P.I. had taken him for every penny, he had returned home, utterly despondent.

He passed away in his sleep one Sunday morning and the next day the bank had come knocking.

They took the ranch and I was left without a home, without a family, all except for Frank, if I could only find him!

It was after I lost dad that I swore I would make the people pay for what they had done.  I had been pushed to the limit and someone was going to pay.  My normally cool nature had flipped over to one of cool resolve.I was determined to get revenge for what they had done to dad.  I only hoped I could find Frank before it was too late.

I had packed what I could in the old Ford, and headed east.

I soon learned why Pops had been so frustrated.Since Frank had become a member of a gang the cops had no interest in locating him, unless it was to throw him in jail.  That had led to a dead end.  The P.I. that had ripped off my father even threatened me when I tried to get some of the money back.

I was in good physical shape and could have taken the guy but New York was his world and I was a stranger.  I certainly didn’t want to sit in jail, that wouldn’t bring me closer to finding my little brother.

The next year had changed me forever.

The only way to find Frank was to walk in his circles.  The drugs, the filth, the crime had been hard to adjust to but I had taken to being a perfect chameleon.

It took time but they had let me into their trust.  I couldn’t find out about Frank without giving myself away and if I made one mistake, I might never find out what happened to him.  I bided my time until someone told me where Frank was.

Frank had gotten involved with a nasty guy named Cliff.  He ran drugs, guns, booze, anything that made money.  Seems Frank had taken out one of the loans they gave to students that had run out of money.  After that they were hooked into paying and paying and when they couldn’t pay any more they were put to work for them.  It had been happening to a lot of students.I had gone along on several of the “visits” they paid the young men.They were testing me to see if I could take what they did.

I had gotten to know one of Cliffs’ gang and was living with Speedo in an old burned out apartment building.  The scum of New York hung out in this area and even the cops avoided it.  I waited for them to drop a hint about Frank in their own time.If I pushed it I could be in real trouble.

I had been hanging out with Speedo when he started talking about some stupid hick from out west they had gotten started running coke.  This poor sucker had gotten in so deep in debt that he had no choice but the work for them.

I got a sinking feeling as I heard him describe the guy and what they had done to him when he decided he wanted out.  Speedo had gotten sadistic glee out of offing the jerk after breaking both his legs and arms--- Frank was the guys’ name!  Like so many people that disappeared Frank had ended up in the East River.

That was when I’d snapped!  I was the only one left now, with no place to go home to and no family, thanks to these pricks.


As I stood in the doorway and watched the lone member of Cliffs’ gang head back toward the building, I ducked back into the shadows.

I had no feelings left for any of Cliffs’ gang and their inhuman treatment of Frank.

My blood ran cold and when Tops walked through the door, I hit him in the throat with the butt of the Uzi.

A crushed trachea wasn’t a pretty sight and Tops writhed on the floor grabbing his throat.  He was uttering odd sounds and blood trickled from the corner of his mouth.  His face started turning blue and his body went into convulsions.

I didn’t feel anything and walked out the door.

I needed money and knew where I would get it.

I watched Polinski’s office for a couple of days until I got an idea about his routine.

The P.I. had some odd dealings and I knew he was ripping other people off, just like he had done to my father.Two people had just come from his office pig biting mad and when the building had cleared except for Polinski, I jimmied the front lock.

He sat at his cluttered desk arguing over the phone with some poor sap.  I could see him through the partially closed blinds.

When he hung up the phone I made my move.

As the door smashed open Polinski grabbed for something under his desk with his right arm.

The bullet hit him in that arm before he could get to his gun and spun him around in his chair.  When he started to turn around I spoke slowly and clearly.

“I’ve got a clip full and you only have two arms!  Don’t make any more sudden moves or I’ll cut you in half!”

When he faced me again there was terror on his face.  His left hand tried to keep the wound on his right arm closed but the blood seeped between his fingers.

“Who the hell are you?  You shot me you bastard!” he shouted and started to stand up.  He was trying to bluff me with his rage but I put a bullet into his right foot below his desk.  I didn’t say a word and Polinski fell back in his chair.  The terror was back on his face and I could see him reach for the new wound, grimace and just sit back, holding his arm.

“You should remember me you threatened me just about a year ago.  You ripped my father off for close to fifty grand.  He died because of you and we lost our ranch.  It’s pay back time.”

I lifted the Uzi and aimed at his gut.  He started babbling.

“I g-g-g-got money in the office!  P-p-please, don’t kill me!”

He shook his head toward the filing cabinet in the corner.

“Get it!”

“I-I-I- can’t walk,” he said and I could see the eyes start thinking again.

“Ah, shit!  You just ain’t worth it!” and I raised my gun again.

He held his good arm up to shield his face and I hit the chair with one shot, right between his legs.  It must have splintered some of the chair into his crotch because he practically jumped out of the chair, then fell back down.

“I haven’t hit you yet but the next one will, if you don’t do exactly as I say.  Any bullshit and you’re gonna hurt worse than you ever thought possible!” I said and walked around his desk.

He had fallen back down into the chair and sat completely beaten.  He pushed out from the desk and pulled himself toward the filing cabinet.  I walked behind his desk and saw the gun.  I pulled it out and cocked the big .357 and pushed it into Polinski’s neck.

I helped push him toward the cabinet.

“One wrong move and I blow your face off from behind.  I’ve got nothing to loose, my whole family’s dead!”

He was shaking as he reached his hand for the knob on the cabinet.  It slid open and I saw the briefcase inside and another gun by the side of the briefcase.

I hit Polinski over the head with his gun and he slumped sideways in the chair.  I pulled the chair aside on its rollers and picked up the briefcase and the big automatic.

When I popped the lid, I even smiled.  It was full of hundred dollar bills, in neat little bundles, each wrapped with blue rubber bands.

I tossed in the .357 and pistol and closed the case.

Before I left, I called 911 and told them a man had been shot.  I made sure to wipe any prints I may have left.

At the door I seriously thought about offing the bastard but hoped the two bullets would remind him of me every time he tried to rip someone off.

I had the funds and there was only one thing that drove me now, revenge!  All feeling was gone.  I had become a hunter, running on instinct.

I headed back toward the burned out buildings.  This time I wore black and had a sniper rifle with silencer and infrared scope.

As I looked to the window I had thrown Speedo through from the roof of the adjacent building, I couldn’t believe they were there.  They sat around the table and passed around a joint.  I wondered if they had given Speedo a proper service or if they had just dumped him in the river, like they had done with Frank.

I settled in and set the crosshairs on my target.  Cliffs’ head jerked back and he fell to the floor.  The others panicked and ran for the stairs.

I walked to the corner of the building and shot out the front tires on the BMW and Chevy and waited.  They ran to the cars like I had thought and were easy to pick off.  After the deed was done I went over to where Cliff lay and picked up the big bag he always carried.It was the stash of money I hoped would help me forget what I had come to the city to do.

When it was done I went down the stairs of the old building, walked to my black van and stashed the gun.  I hoped the cops that I had talked with who said they had no interest in the gangs except to throw them in jail wouldn’t care too much about finding me.  I knew that I had only rid the one area of its cockroaches and by that I didn’t mean insects.I also knew that it wouldn’t take long before some other sleaze took over this area but I couldn’t help that.  I had revenged my brother and my father.

I had always wanted to have a little cabin in the mountains of Montana and that is where I planned to go.

I drove out of the city and headed west.

I wanted to try and get my life back on track and hoped I could live with what I had done.

Only time would tell!




Copyright Rolf Luetcke

© Copyright 2018 marieray. All rights reserved.

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