The Day I Became a Tree Hopper

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Spiritual journey

Submitted: June 08, 2012

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Submitted: June 08, 2012



The Day I Became a Tree Hopperby Rolf Luetcke



This happened to me once, and only once.To this day I have no idea how I was able to achieve it but the story “Set Free My Spirit” is partly based on this experience.

I lived in Bisbee at the time and was taking a day off from working my small business. 

It was a beautiful summer day the sky was blue with a few puffy white clouds here and there for decoration.The temperature was a perfect 75 degrees.I walked out my front door and was in one of the best moods I can remember.I have always been an analytical person and like to take things apart in my mind so I can understand them.This day was different and the analyst was not home.

I am sure everyone has experienced the biorhythm of good days and bad days.There is no explanation as to why one day is great and another you feel like biting someone.  This was one of the great days.All of my senses seemed to be in tune with the surrounding world. 

There was nobody out and about at the moment and I don’t know whether I could have had this experience with anyone else around.I heard every note of the birds in the trees across the street.I could hear the buzz of various insects going about their business.I felt the sun’s rays caressing my skin ever so gently.  My eyes focused upon the small mesquite tree across the street.

As I walked over to the tree, I could barely feel my feet touching the ground as I walked.Normally I would have been wondering why this was but today my mind didn’t dwell there.As I stood close to the tree it seemed my focus was more intense than I had ever felt it.I looked closely at the branch in front of me and I was lost in the color of the wood.  My eyes slowly wandered along the branch.  It was as if I was tiny and was walking on the branch.I came across a leafhopper.It was one called a buffalo tree hopper and was bright green.It had two horns on the front and lacy wings sticking out from under the wing covers.

I became the tree hopper and when it slowly walked along the branch, I was in its little body and seeing the world from its eyes.I stood for what seemed like hours but have no idea just how long I stood there.In turn I was the tree, the tree hopper, the butterfly visiting flowers among the branches, the flower itself, the honey bee, the sunshine.

It was a true out of body experience.I have tried to understand just what happened on that one particular day and finally came to the conclusion that it was not something under my control.I have never been able to do this again and finally put it into just what it was, a fantastic experience.I think that for some reason all the elements in that day just lined up and my mind didn’t overpower my experience.I just let it happen.

Every once in a while I come across something that reminds me of that experience and I have given it a name, the day I became a tree hopper.


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