The Other Side of Here

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Man discovers generator for creating hole to somewhere else and finds alien world.

Submitted: June 09, 2012

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Submitted: June 09, 2012



The Other Side of Here by Rolf Luetcke


I had met the guy while I was flying my model plane, the big B52 I had spent months refining.

We’d started hanging out together at the little airstrip and swapped some of our secrets in building model planes.  It appeared Frank had been holding out on me.

One evening I decided to drive over to the field we were using, when my car suddenly quit.  That same short I had been battling for weeks.

After fiddling with my hands under the dash for a few minutes, a few choice words for the MF that had built this particular vehicle, I got out and contemplated walking my plane the quarter mile to the strip.  It was manageable but what a bitch to have to carry the plane to the strip.

I heard the high-pitched whine of a model being flown.

Who could be flying at night?  I’d never run into anyone down here at night.

I left my car in the middle of the road and headed for the strip.

I walked quietly and carefully.  I wanted to see but not be seen.

I stayed at the edge of the trees and got within about a hundred feet and stopped to watch.

I could see the exhaust of the plane as it came for another pass.

Then something very odd happened.  There was a very high-pitched whine and I had to hold my ears shut it was that strong.

Suddenly there was silence as the little plane just ceased to exist.

My hands came from my ears and I stared into the blackness over the field and searched for the plane that should be there, nothing!

Momentarily the high-pitched sound started up again and my hands went up to my ears again.  With no warning, the little yellow flames again appeared over the field and the plane circled and landed on the little airstrip.

The whine was gone and I watched in awe as a dark figure walked over and picked up the plane.

At his vehicle a light came on and I smiled to myself as Frank fiddled with the plane.

A snapped twig made him spin around as I walked into his circle of light.

“Well, well, well!  Holding out on me, I see!” I said.

“Jees!  You scared the shit out of me!  Don’t ever sneak up on me!  People end up shot for sneaking up like that.  What the hell are you doing out here Steve?” he said.

“I was coming out to fly my B52 when my car quit a quarter mile down.  I heard a plane and came over to see who was flying at night.  What the heck was that whine and where did the plane go?  You come up with some kind of masking device or something?” I asked Frank.

He looked into my eyes for several uncomfortable seconds and then gave a bit of a shrug.

“You know, if I tell you and this gets out, I’m gonna have to kill you!” Frank said.  There was no emotion on his face as he said it and I believed he meant it.  I felt a chill on my neck, as Frank again looked deep into my eyes.

“The things I’m about to tell you can’t go past your ears!  Understand?” he said with utter seriousness.

“No problem!  I have no need to share my information with anyone.  I still have a few things I never told you about what my B52 can do!”

“Nothing like I’m about to tell you, Steve!” Frank said and sat down on the tailgate of his truck.

What Frank told me was something I had never expected.

He had been working on a special motor for his plane, when there had been a whine that caused a strange thing to happen.  The whine caused a portion of space to become unstable and the motor he’d been testing had simply vanished into the air!

Months of tests had let him figure out how to control the door that had opened into somewhere else.  Frank didn’t know whether he’d broken through into another time or another dimension but he was close to making an attempt to find out.

The secret had been to have two sound producing sources.  One produced the hole the plane went into and another produced a second hole that the plane could come back through.  As long as the plane flew straight and the return hole was on, things worked.

Frank had tested the whole thing and the plane came through just fine. 

Now came the part that blew me away.  Frank had built a full-scale plane and actually asked if I would help him with his experiment.

I jumped on the chance and said I was his man!

He packed up his plane and gear and helped me get my vehicle running and I was to take a couple of weeks off from work and meet at his place the coming weekend.

His last motion was a stare into my eyes to try and read my thoughts.  He held his finger up to his lips and pulled them across his mouth signing a zipped lip and he shook his finger no and them made a slice with his finger across the throat and drove off into the night.

My biggest problem was the wife and kids! I knew she wouldn’t take this well but this was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up!

My mind was lost in thought all the way home.

Frank had given me just enough to gnaw on.  I knew enough about physics that Frank’s discovery didn’t completely surprise me.

I dabbled in sci-fi and had even come up with some ideas of my own that bordered on time/space travel, absolute zero, black holes, extraterrestrial cultures, etc.

That was fun and games this was real!



I met Frank at his house Saturday morning and we chatted about small stuff for a few minutes.

“Hey, I want to get into this plane of yours.  If we’re really gonna do it, let’s get going,” I said.

Frank nodded and we went out to his garage.  When he swung the door open, I immediately knew I was in my element.

The plane was an odd mish-mash of parts. It was basically a bi-plane, motor up front.  On the wings, one each side of the fuselage were the two-phase generators to create the anomaly.  They were identical to the small one I had seen on the model plane.

“Why two?” I asked Frank.

“Two reasons.  First is the backup in case something goes wrong and the second is for balance of the plane.”

“How close are you to testing it?”

“I’ve had it ready to go for close to a year now.”

“Why in the heck haven’t you tried it?” I asked him incredulous that he hadn’t tried it.

Frank hung his head a little and his eyes couldn’t meet mine as he spoke “I— I’m afraid to, Steve.  It is really hard for me to admit but I have flown at least a dozen times but have never had the nerve to turn on the generator.”

“That’s where you come in!  I want you to fly it through!” Frank said as his eyes again met mine.

My heart was pounding with the thought of what Frank was offering me.  I would be the first ever to ---!  Well, that was just it, to what I didn’t know and my heartbeat increased a bit more.

I had read science fiction, I had even written a bit, but to actually have a chance to experience that total unknown was an incredible rush!

“When?” was all I asked!

“Anytime you can! Have you ever flown a plane?”

“Only the models but I’m a quick learner.  Bi-planes aren’t that hard to fly, as far as I’ve read.



Ten days later and I was flying the trainer without much trouble. Even my landings were pretty good lately.

Frank’s plane wasn’t the plane I could learn in.  It was a single seater and I certainly wasn’t flying such a valuable plane cold!

We’d gone to a small airstrip in New Mexico, where Frank leased the plane he taught me to fly.  Ten days of almost constant flying was a dream for years and it had come true.  The best still lay ahead.

I had flown Frank’s plane twice now and had been sorely tempted to just turn on the generator and fly through but I had promised Frank I wouldn’t.  He had trusted me and I resisted with all the energy I had.

Tomorrow was the day and I had a really hard time falling asleep.  I needed to sleep so I would be fresh and I forced myself to do the relaxation technique I used to meditate when I was really stressed.  It worked and I slept soundly until 5 a.m.

Frank was already in the garage and was doing another round of tests.  He hadn’t slept at all.  Frank had mounted a second video camera on top of the upper wing, with a very wide-angle lens.

“If I can’t go there, I sure want to see what’s on the other side!” he said as I stood and sipped a cup of strong coffee.

We wheeled the plane out of the garage and onto the field behind Franks house and I got in the plane as Frank gave me a steady stream of instructions.

“Now, when you’re through the other side, make one straight line run for exactly one minute, turn and head back for exactly one minute and them fly back through!”

“Got it” Frank said.  “Just in case there are mitigating circumstances and something goes wrong, can I just turn on the generator and step back through?” I asked him.

“I think so but I’m not really sure.  I don’t know what’s on the other side. Just fly like I told you and we can expand the flights once you’ve come back after a couple of minutes.  You know?  Get your bearings and then you can go back or maybe I well get my nerve, once you’ve done it!”

Frank was getting real nervous as I turned on the ignition and he cranked the prop over.

The plane started right up, and Frank gave me a shaky thumbs-up, and I returned one as I revved up the motor.

The plane went down the field smoothly and was up in the air in seconds.

My heart was really pounding now and I had a zillion thoughts racing around in my mind all at once.  I had to force myself to concentrate on flying the plane.

As I came around for the real thing I started to see why Frank had chickened out.  I was really doubting what I was about to do was a wise idea when an inner calm came over me.  I had somehow resolved my conflicts and could proceed with a clear head.

When the plane leveled out from its turn and I got the speed up to 200 mph, I flicked both the generator switch and the stopwatch at once.

The whine grew louder than the planes engine and I felt sharp claws of pain dig into my brain as the generator kicked up to phase.  The pain was so intense I had to close my eyes and hold my head with one hand.

In a split second I would pass out if I didn’t turn off the generator and I grabbed for the switch as the plane shuddered and the noise ceased.

I heard no noise at all as the plane started to fall.

My eyes tore open as I screamed shit, over and over.  We never practiced engine failure and I struggled with the plane as it began to spiral toward---- “Oh, shit!” came out again as the sea of tendrils reached up toward the plane.

It all happened so fast I didn’t have a second to think.

I braced with every ounce of strength as the plane dove into the tendrils.  There was an odd sound as the crashing plane sliced its way down.  Fluids splattered everything and my goggles went completely black.

There was an odd crack and the plane broke through and hit something hard and I blacked out as my head hit the gauges in front of me.


When I came to, there were a thousand sensations all at once and none were pleasant.

My eyes were looking into some kind of fluid and it stung when I opened them but I fought the pain so I could see.

Hundreds of tubes came from every part of me and they writhed and pulsed with fluids.  I took a breath and horror made my whole body convulse.  A giant tube was attached to my mouth and my breath had sucked in some yellow fluid in the tube into my mouth.  I didn’t choke and when I exhaled I could see the fluid pass out of another tube in my chest.  The fluid was tinged with red----my blood and I passed out.



When I came to again I heard noises in my head.  The more I came to my senses, the more the noises made sense.  Finally it was clear and I understood my language and my head filled with words.  I listened!


I had a horrible feeling in my stomach, which was now poked full of tubes.  I was stuck here, unless I could talk the creatures on this odd world into helping me return to my home world.

The creatures had me on life support for their world was so different from my own, I would die within about a minute without their help.

They were nothing at all like the life forms on Earth.  The whole planet was the home of one being.  I didn’t really understand how it all worked but the tendrils I had seen were the outer skin of the being.  The tendrils worked in many ways. They caught food with them, cleaned the surface of debris and protected the inside of the creature.

The creature wasn’t used to dealing with objects of my size and normally fed upon the tiny life that flourished in the planets atmosphere.

Inside the thin shell I had broken through was the heart and nervous system of the creature.

Yes, it was highly intelligent but it rarely had opportunities to communicate with other intelligent creatures.

It was still trying to understand where I had come from.  My ship was obviously not space worthy!

It didn’t help that I wasn’t able to fill in the blanks.  I didn’t really understand Franks generators and wasn’t even sure whether I had broken through to another space or another time.

All I could communicate to the creature was that it all worked through the generators.

The creature functioned on electrical impulses and it could mimic the workings of my brain to understand how I worked and it had quickly learned to use my language.

From what I had learned, it was vastly more intelligent than man but there were so many differences.


Oh God, how would I ever get home?  I knew I couldn’t survive here.  Physically, the being could keep me alive indefinitely.  In fact I could live for as long as it did, if I chose to.

The creature was completely pacifistic.  There was no such thing as hate, war, anger or any of the negative feelings I knew on Earth.

In a way, it was the ultimate dream of many, to be immortal and forever at peace but it was so foreign to my soul I ached for the familiar things of home.

There were a few pluses in my situation.  The creature was tireless in trying to understand me and find a solution to my problem.

Its biggest concern was that others from my world would come and try to destroy it.

I understood its fear of man.  Just from my memories it had learned things it did not like at all and although it saw I was ultimately a being who was good, it saw the potential for evil in my memories-Hitler, Charles Manson and many more gave it lots to contemplate.



It had figured out why my plane had failed and I had crashed.

The vibrations of the large generator had caused a breakdown of the materials that both the generator and the plane had been made from. 

Being a liquid based, organic being, although affected by the vibrations, I wasn’t fractured to pieces by them.

All the metals in my plane had been vibrated to failure.  There were virtually millions of minute cracks in all the materials atomic structure.

The creature doubted whether man would be able to create a generator durable enough to function more than once in this size. 

Why had Frank’s models been able to move back and forth, I wondered and it answered that the power and pitch to make a small unit function, was low enough to keep the materials from disintegrating.


I was unaware as to how much time passed since there was no time that I could understand here.  Finally the being said it figured out a way to send me home to my own world.

It had created a bubble space around me and had duplicated the conditions I needed to sustain life.

It had also reconstructed one generator, atom by atom, to its original condition.  My plane had enough of the metals necessary to do the job.

Before it was time for me to go it asked me to do my best to convince the people of my race to not come back here.  It would certainly not survive an invasion because it had no defenses whatsoever.

I realized that there was nothing here that man could use, except maybe this wonderful beings wisdom.

I gave it my solemn promise and let it know I had been deeply honored to meet it and thanked it for its help.  It raised me on its tentacles to the height of where I had entered its world and the generator started to whine.

There was a slow rise in the familiar whine of the generator and I covered my ears as I stood in the small bubble.

There appeared a shimmering circular shape in front of me and I was pushed through by a tentacle. 



The bubble had burst when I went through and I hung in mid air for a split second before starting my fall to the ground.  When I went through the anomaly I didn’t think of just where I would come out but it had been the height of the plane where it had entered, a couple of hundred feet up. 

I fell through the air, toward the Earth below.

I had only seconds before I would hit the ground and all I could think of was that at least I was home and would die on Earth.

Suddenly something snaked around my waist and slowed my fall and set me gently to Earth.

I felt its thoughts in my mind and then it let go.

I looked up as a long tendril snaked back up into the sky and went into a circle up in mid-air.  It disappeared and the little anomaly in the sky winked out.

All I could do was smile and thank my lucky stars that it had been watching out for me.


Frank ran toward me from across the field.

“Steve, Steve, what the hell happened to the plane?” he ran up to me and was breathing heavily.  “You flew through the anomaly and a split second later I saw you fall from the sky.  How the hell did you survive that fall?  My God, I still don’t believe it.  I guess the plane went through but you, somehow, didn’t. It must have done something to you that allowed you to survive the fall.  Did you see anything?  Did you even get through to the other side?” Frank just kept on talking and it gave me a moment to think.

“Frank!  It will never work!  When I flipped the switches the vibrations were so intense I thought my head was going to explode.

At the moment the plane went through it flew into pieces and I hit something that just yanked me from the plane.  I did get a glimpse as the plane burst into flames.  Did you see the explosion down here?  No!  It’s hell on the other side!  My God, its hell on the other side, a man could never survive over there!” I said.

“How did you survive that fall?” Frank was asking for the second time.

“I have absolutely no idea. Did you see anything?”

“No, all I saw was the plane disappear and then you fell.  I closed my eyes as I thought you’d splatter in the dirt.  When I opened my eyes, you were standing there” and Franks thoughts trailed off.  “So, it didn’t work?  Jees, I have to thank you for being the one to try it.  I know I would never have gotten the nerve to try it.  I still can’t believe you are ok!”

We turned and walked back toward Frank’s house.  He was still talking incessantly but my mind was on what was really on the other side of----.

“You’re right I don’t think you should mess with the generators.  The sound of the larger generator nearly tore my brain from my head.  I don’t think a man could survive that.  I was lucky that I didn’t go through or I know I would not have survived.  Even the small generators could open the door and let Hell out here on Earth.  It could destroy all life as we know it!” I said to Frank as we got back to his garage.  I had figured a way to stop Frank’s research and safeguard the creature on the other side.  I still had no idea if I had stepped into another time, another dimension, another universe or what exactly had happened but I recalled every moment of my adventure.  The creature also must have had control of time since Frank said I had not even been gone a split second and my stay there seemed like weeks or longer.

It would be fantastic if man could share what I had seen but I understood the creatures concerns and had no doubt that people could figure out ways to use the creature or destroy it.  It was better this way.  I only wondered if I could ever tell anyone of what I had seen.  I doubted whether anyone would believe me, not even my wife.

God it was good to be home again! 



Copyright Rolf Luetcke


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