The Watermelon That Changed My World

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Man goes into his garden to harvest tomatos and finds a watermelon that turns out to be an alien space ship.

Submitted: June 09, 2012

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Submitted: June 09, 2012



The Watermelon That Changed My World by Rolf Luetcke



I walked out to the garden, basket under my arm.

Last nights rain had left the whole area smelling wonderful.  I inhaled deeply as I stepped into the vegetable plot.

I remembered the early attempts and how the rabbits had eaten every sprout!

Five years of experience and the bunnies could only look at all the goodies.  Whatever stuck through the fence they could have but the vegetables inside were ours.

I set the basket down and picked a few tomatoes and then I saw it.

There is nothing very unusual about a big watermelon but I knew this one was not right.

For one thing, I didn’t have a watermelon vine in the garden.  Secondly, it hadn’t been there yesterday.

Then it dawned on me what was going on.

My brother was getting me back for the trick I had played on him last month.

He refused to give back my rubber hot dog.  He’d bitten into it all right, at our weenie roast, twice before he’d figured something was wrong.

He’d snuck over and put a big melon in my garden!

I just hoped it wasn’t rubber, as I walked over to it I liked watermelon!

I reached down to pick it up and the next thing I remember was lying in the patch of corn, looking up at the sky.

I was having trouble getting my breath and lay still for a while, trying to figure out what had happened.  Had Billy put in some kind of exploding melon?  Man that could have killed me.

I pushed myself into a sitting position and the melon was still there, twenty feet away.

“What the heck?” I said out loud.

There was a low hum in the garden now but I couldn’t tell where it was coming from.

Suddenly I noticed a small section on the side of the watermelon dissolve away and several tiny lizards walked out.  On their backs were miniature action figures, holding reigns in one arm and a glowing rod in the other.  They rode in formation, in my direction.

I blinked a couple of times, shook my head, rubbed my eyes and they were still there.

The approached to within a few feet and stopped. 

Wow, how did Billy find such a neat toy?

One of the little figures got off the lizard and walked toward me.

I started to feel all the hair on my body stand on end.

It was a mixture of being thrown twenty feet and the fact that these weren’t toys.  My stomach was suddenly in my throat as I saw that the tiny figures were real.

They looked like tiny people but it was hard for me to see the featured but they were somewhat human.They were very light skinned and wore some kind of covering that was form fitting.They had two arms but a bit longer than ours, two legs and an ornate head.I was not sure whether it was a helmet of some kind or their own.  Both their hands and feet had a number of extra appendages, nearly looking like they had one wrist but two hands at the end.  Their stance was very regal and they moved slowly and with precision.

It stopped when it reached my shoe and held out something in its tiny hand.

I bent down for a closer look and noticed it was a thin metal ring.

The figure gestured for me to take it.

Carefully I reached down and took the tiny band.  It was very light in weight and was warm to the touch.

What was it and I looked at the figure.  It was motioning for me to put it on my finger.

The ring was much too small but the figure was insistent.

I reached the band toward my little finger.  As soon as it touched the tip of my finger something very odd happened.  The little band attached itself to my finger, made a tiny incision and started to disappear into my skin.

I was too dumb struck to do anything.  I just stared at where it had disappeared into my finger.  There was no pain whatsoever but I could feel a sensation travel up my finger, my hand, my arm and up into my neck.

I started to feel real panic when a sudden sensation came over me.

It was like a dense fog had been lifted from my mind and everything was much clearer. All of my senses were heightened.

“Pleze to bek our pardon.  We are the czeeeken and I ham member lllaar.  We ar hier assidental.  Hour chip has a broke.” The little figure said in very broken English but I could understand what it said.

I also knew what the little ring was for, I just knew.

Lllaar told me what had happened to them.  Their ship had lost their main power crystal and the back up just barely allowed them to land.  They had programmed into their computers what little they had on our planet and had found an appropriate disguise, they thought.

Their ship was grounded until they could replace the main drive.  If functioned on pure carbon, which in our terms was diamond.

Fortunately, they didn’t need a perfect stone.  All they needed was enough of the crystals and they could purify and design the new drive crystal.

Over the next few days I learned a lot about their species and they learned about Earth.

The little “ziki,” as I called them, were from our own Milky Way galaxy but from a distant spiral arm.

I hadn’t understood much about their technology most of it was beyond me.  I was a biologist and I understood animals, not the amazing technology the Ziki used.

I was fairly versed in geology and knew what they needed for their drive crystal.

I tried to explain to Lllaar that the pure carbon they needed would cost about twenty thousand dollars, and amount I didn’t have.

Lllaar asked me what money was and I described how our system of economy worked-buy, sell or trade.  He would trade, he said.

Lllaar returned to his ship and came back with a small box.  He opened the box and pulled out a startlingly bright yellow stone.  It sparkled as if it possessed lights in its interior.

Lllaars handed me the stone.  It was small in my large palm but its beauty took my breath away.  “I hope this will be enough to trade for what we need.  I chose the stone carefully, to match the chemistry of your world.  It could have been found on your world.  Many of our jewels are not like anything your world produces.  When we get the carbon we need, I will show you more of our crystals.  We use them for nearly everything.  I’m surprised you make so little use of them here.” Lllaars said.

His way with our language had improved to near perfection after only a little of the conversations we had.They picked up new things very fast.

He had told me the yellow stone was a type of yellow corundum, or ruby.Sunshine made it flash, like it was on fire.

I told Lllaar I could get a fortune for the stone but it would take time.  He said to trade it for the diamond they needed and no more as to not to draw attention to them. They needed to power-up their ship.  If not, they could be overwhelmed by the Earths government.

I agreed and went to catch a flight to Europe.  It was my best chance to get what I needed in anonymity.

The diamond district of Brussels was where I ended up.  I stopped in several shops before I found a man I felt good about, young, knowledgeable and fluent in English.

When I unfolded the little stone, the Belgian gasped.  I told him what I needed and said it was for a special client who didn’t want any questions asked, a straight across trade, the yellow corundum for a one and three quarter carat clear and flawless diamond.

I followed the young Belgian into his back room, where he looked at the stone under his microscope.

“My God!  I have never seen such a perfect cut.  Who did the cutting?  Where did the stone come from?  I have never seen such a stone!”

He kept talking as he turned the stone over and over in his fingers.  He was talking more to himself as to me.  He made observations of new cutting styles he’d never seen before.  Clarity and brilliance unlike any he’d ever seen.

He turned to me with a thousand questions in his eyes.  I cut him short, before he could ask even one.

“As I mentioned, I need a quiet trade for my client!  If you aren’t interested, I - - - “

He broke in instantly, as soon as I even mentioned going elsewhere.

As he carefully put the stone in a satin case, he went over to a wall safe and dialed some numbers.  He brought out a black cloth satchel and laid it on the counter next to the satin case.

As the cloth was unfolded the stones within sparkled in the bright lamp above the counter.  He reached for the scale and asked me to pick the amount I needed.

I thought that was particularly decent of him.  I started picking clear stones, holding them up to the light to look for anything that shouldn’t be there but I had to admit to myself, I didn’t really know what I was doing.

I switched stones a couple of times at the end to make the right carats and asked if he was satisfied.  He nodded

“I have to ask again” he said, “Can you give me any information on the stone?”

“All I can tell you is that it is a yellow corundum.  Your tests will prove that but as to my client and where the stone came from I can’t divulge. I am sorry but my instructions are explicit.”

He shrugged and folded the diamonds I had chosen into a clean, white cloth and handed it to me.

“Please, if you get any more of these stones, come see me” he said as I left.

As I was closing the front door of the shop, I could see him at his microscope again, looking at his prize.  If he only knew how rare and valuable his little stone was!  I shrugged and hailed a taxi.

I had spent over a thousand dollars of my own money to get the diamonds for the Ziki and Lllaars was definitely grateful.

They greeted me in force as I arrived home and danced a really intricate little dance at my success in getting the diamonds.

Lllaars had handed the diamonds to his crew and they hurried to the ship.  He had another little box for me.  This one contained a stone that made me draw a deep breath in admiration.

“This is for you.  It is a special crystal and needs to be used with care.  It is very powerful.  When you wear it next to the skin it will enhance your psychic energy beyond anything you have experienced.  You must assure me you will not use the stone for evil purposes!” Lllaars was adamant and looked deeply into my eyes.  I promised and he was satisfied with my answer.

Their ship was repaired in less than 24 hours and the crew all came out to thank me for my help.  They all came up to me and we touched finger to hand.

Lllaars stayed with me and said he had to tell me some news about our planet.  His species was psychic and he had been able to touch me and look deep into my mind.He had seen into my “soul” and saw that I was not like their information had said this species was.That was one reason he had given me the gift.It was in hopes that I could use the gift to heal this world.  The gift was only for me to use and he hoped I could make some changes.

The reason he had asked me to keep their visit secret is that their federation was banned from contact with our species.  We were apparently quarantined as hostile and primitive. If it had not been for the mechanical failure they never would have come to the surface.

I had to admit to him that I could easily see how that had come about and I told him I often felt that most people were another species.  I also told him that they would not want to be taken by any of our planets governments.  He told me that they could never be captured by technology from this planet.

That statement really made me wonder about the capabilities of the Ziki.  They were very small but they had shown me some amazing things and I didn’t doubt they could do what they said.

Before they left, Lllaars told me they wouldn’t be back.  He said the reason our scientists couldn’t find evidence of life elsewhere was that we were being shunned.  There was intelligent life all over the galaxy but we were not in the loop.

He said he wasn’t worried about the information he was giving me because I wouldn’t be believed if I went public, he’d studied the people of this planet while I had gotten the diamonds.  He had used my home computer to link into the world web.

The comment he’d left me with was that if the rest of the human race had the integrity that I had they might change the status of our planet.  We really were missing a lot by being so hostile.

When the small door in the melon/ship closed, I expected it to lift off and shoot away.  I didn’t expect what happened. 

There was a shimmer in the pattern of the melon and it just faded and was gone, vanished into thin air!

I stood there for a long time, contemplation what had happened to me in the last four days.

I instantly thought of a million questions I wanted to ask them but they were gone.

I turned and walked into the house.

I took the stone out of the little box and as I held it to look at it I began to hear a murmur in my head, like talking in the distance.  I turned and looked around but nobody was there.

As I started thinking about the stone, answers came to me as if through telepathy.  My thoughts were as clear as could be and I had never felt as exhilarated.

As I set the stone down, the feeling left me.  The stone was a direct connection to some other plane or level we weren’t aware of.

I didn’t know how it worked but then I had a thought and picked up the stone again and again wondered how the stone worked and all the answers flowed like a river.

Somehow, the stone vibrated on another level of existence and tuned my electrical energy to the cosmos.  There were other dimensions and I had tapped into them, with the help of this amazing crystal.

I realized its potential but I also realized the dangers Lllaar had warned me about.  What if the stone fell into the wrong hands?  Then, I remembered something Lllaar had told me.  The stone was a gift to me and specially tuned to me only and wouldn’t work for anyone else.  Each of their people had their own personal stone.

That evening I held the stone and asked a million questions and got a million answers.  When I finally ran out of immediate ideas I set the crystal aside and went to sleep.

That was a relief!  If an evil man could use this kind of power, it would be devastating.

The world was a new and different place when I stepped out my door the next day.  The sun was shining, my garden was growing and I had a good feeling about what my future would bring.



Copyright Rolf Luetcke


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