A Special Visit to a Special Place

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This is a story about me visiting a special place and feeling very happy there! Find out what happens when I goes to this special place!


Submitted: November 29, 2010

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Submitted: November 29, 2010



  Animals! Animals! and.... ANIMALS! Why are they so important? If you ask me, I think it's because animals are very magnificent and smart! I think that the lightbulbs in their brains are always on! Thinking of animals reminds me of the time I went to the Bronx Zoo in Bronx, NY!

  From bouncy seals to friendly and mean at the same time lions, from friendly and mean at the same time lions to hopping flamingos and so on!

  BAWWK! Flamingos. They balance on one foot to the other.Wow! If you take a glance at them while sprinting past the zoo, you'll be walking backwards to gaze at the gorgeous flamingos. They are much smarter than anyone or anything (Spiders) in this world! If I was a flamingo, I would be very dumb as if I love stabbing myself with textbooks. I admire their pink (I prefer peach) feathery skin and their pointy beaks! Whoa! I didn't know that flamingos can hop on shallow water! I thought to myself. As I pet the fuzzy flamingos, I hear a voice exclaiming, "Time's up for flamingos. Let's go to the beautiful seals!" Oh! It was just the tour guide!

  I galloped to the seals and.... they are O-MAZINGLY AWESOME! They hold balls on their lips. Now that's what I call talented! I felt their wet and soft skin.They looked like theyhave been polished by a shoe polisher! I glared at the cave next to the water that the seals sit on and saw a woman coming! She gripped toys and threw them all around the water. North, South, East, West! And the seals, they are really fast like race cars!  If I see one on one side, then by a blink, it would be on the other side! Once the toy splashes into the water, the seals would all be snatching it, fighting on a little toy! Also, seals love to stay out in the sun in one position. I stared at a few seals which didn't even move a bit! It looked like seal statues! Glaring at seals wasn't that bad or perfect but I still enjoyed them!

  What a wonderful day! Seals and flamingos aren't the only ones who are smart! Speaking of animals, which 2 animals do you think are the smartest?

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