Gymnastics: My first day

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Find out what happens when an 8 year old girl goes on her first day of Gymnastics!


Submitted: December 08, 2010

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Submitted: December 08, 2010



"It's 7:02 mom! Hurry up! I'm already late!" I claimed while my mom was driving. My first day of gymnastics will be a day I'll never forget! I thought. I snatched my phone and scurried out of the car in one blink! I pushed the door full of excitement and saw...

GYMNASTICS! There was a vast amount of things to do. From front hand springs to backward rolls from backward rolls to front flips and so on. Ok. Ms.Rachel. Ms.Rachel. Ms. Rachel. I repeated while scanning through the whole area. I searched from left to right but it appeared that she wasn't there. When I asked a lady with orange hair if Ms. Rachel was here, she replyed, "Ms. Rachel isn't here but I'm substituting for her so, you're in my class today! I'm Ms.Cathleen, your coach for today!" I joined her class but realized something was wrong. But, what was it? I glanced around me. I'm in a class full of 5-year-olds! Ughh! Now I remember. I'm only in Level 1. "Okay Class! First we are going to Vault!"

Jump and Launch! That was great! Vault is one of my favorite activities! You can jump up, jump and launch with a handstand flapback, and much more! The only sad thing is, I don't get to use the enormous vault since I'm only in Level 1. But Vault is still very enjoyable! "Ok Everyone! Time to line up!" Everyone stands straight forming a line and trotting towards the bars! There's a whole quanity of things to do in bars. From pullovers to castings from castings to a back-hip circle and so on. I started out with a small bar to practice castings. I was kind of scared and I fell a few times but I got better. Rotate! Time to go to the next bar. The next bar was the bar that Cathleen helped me with. We had to do a pullover, 3 castings, and a back-hip circle. "Ready?" Cathleen asked. Mm-hmm I nodded. Now I was really nervous but as my legs got up, I got it! Yes!!!

"Time to go!" Cathleen yawned.I sprinted to my mom's car. Wow! Gymnastics was awesome! This IS a day that I'll never forget!

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