Perfect Day, Perfect Place

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What would a 13 year old girl do on a perfect day?

Submitted: December 15, 2010

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Submitted: December 15, 2010



HONK! HONK! is the first thing I hear when I wake up! "Marilyn! Why are you such a lazy head? Don't you remember? We have to go to Tampa!" my mom exclaimed. Ughh! Why do they have to pick ME? I thought while scaning through the closet for the most perfect dress.

I grunted and jogged to the car. It took us one hour to get to the convection center, but I knew I had to do this. On the way, we spotted a bunch of people/items that were not casual. From homeless people to skyscrapers from skyscrapers to negative billboards and so on. Finally! We arrived to the Tampa Convection Center! There were millions of people gathered together having patience for some very enjoyable time! We went through the backstage door and I rehearsed once. I glared at my watch and said, "It's time.". I hurried to the middle of the stage with a spotlight on me. My legs were shaking and my palms were sweating while I was waiting for the song to begin. Bum Bum be dum bum bum be da da bum, I sang "Tell me something I don't know" by Selena Gomez. The audience clapped their hands as I sang the last note. I smiled, waved , and left. "That was so good! Except you didn't-"Ok mom! I think I've had enough!"

After every performance my sisters and I do, my family goes to the best indian restaurant, Taste of India. I had to sit between my sisters that always argue on what to order. My ears were so full that my head was dizzy. When our food finally arrived, my mom started complaining about the bill. It's just twenty bucks! Give the man twenty bucks! is what I really wanted to say but instead i said, "Mom? How about I pay for today?" Then, I gobbled up my food in peace. Another waitor walked toward me  with a , "I'm trying to be happy" face. I wondered, What is up with that dude?  Right when he was about to pass me, he stopped and gave me a cookie dough ice cream sundae with an oreo on top. I didn't know why he gave it to me but I didn't seem to care about that. I swallowed the sundae so fast that I had a brain freeze. "Honey?" a low and mature voice is what I heard. I glanced up and I saw my dad. "What?" "It's time to leave." I hopped in to the car and we rode home.

I yawned, "Can't I just sleep in the car?" Before my dad could answer, my vision was blurry and I fell asleep. This was the most perfect day of my life. Well, just for now it was! Alot of children would say that their perfect day would be a free ticket to "Chuck E Cheese" but I have another opinion. One that makes you proud.

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