theres something i can do that some others can't

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something i just wrote spontaneously.

Submitted: January 13, 2012

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Submitted: January 13, 2012




theres something i can do that some others can't

i can talk to myself and even have a conversation

much like this moment here

where the world dissapears before me 

and all i see are myself and my thoughts.

i face them only by facing myself. 

it is a technique only those who know being alone all too well

and its what gets us by

to many, this is the definition of insanity

how can you only see yourself when 6.8 billion people also live

i dont know for many others but i know for me this is true:

i found people to talk to in other ways

music, books, art, they can be just as raw as an individual standing right before you

and when no one can put you together as much as a song can

people dont really seem so needed

its frightening to think that with so many of our species

so many people feel that no one can understand them

it scares me because i believe that it could in fact be true

at the same time i take myself out of my own mind

sometimes for a moment to see if it helps

but it never does. 

like an alcoholic drink for a depressed man 

its only a temporary fix 

then left with the remnants of toxic effects

but it is how so many people deal. 

it is how so many can make sense of what has occured 

because the truth is so hard to face.



yes, i do still blame myself for the death of my best friend and boyfriend. 

it never goes away... i've lost the ability to know if i want it to.  

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