Cursed By The Beauty Of Love

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Poem about my past relationships

Submitted: April 03, 2012

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Submitted: April 03, 2012



Cursed By The Beauty Of Love

How did this curse come upon me? How did I let it destroy me?

I can't seem to break free. it's killing me slowly.

I hear all their voices saying, "I love you", " I care for you", "My heart belongs to you".

I believed them all, and None of them were telling the truth.

This force that's pulling me away from my home, is getting stonger.

My  heart is beating slower..

My Love I shared, to every one of you, wasn't ever good enough for you.

I have came along way, and every step I took was rough.

Screams became louder,

Im falling faster.

I can't see the light that use to shine on me and you.

I am dead to you.

Love, Is it beauty?

All it's done is destroy me.

Little by little it would make me think,

That someone out there actually cared about me.

I  have come to the end of this dreadful fall.

Now I am surrounded by only walls.

Can anyone here me scream in this dark pit.

And hear me cry from all the lies and bullshit.

Do you even bother to come and rescue me.

Or just watch me die, and scream in my sleep.



Written By: Marina M. Leyva.

© Copyright 2018 Marina Mainville. All rights reserved.

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