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Submitted: April 23, 2014

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Submitted: April 23, 2014




You think its funny to play around with my heart

Even when were not together and far apart

I dont know why you do this, you think its a game

To tear me down and see my cry in my own shame

I loved you once, I loved you twice

Too many times i have gone back to you thinking it will be nice

Tell my why you love to play around with my feelilngs

When all i ever tried to do was love you but you kept leaving

I find happiness with someone else you try to come by

Telling me you love me and want me back and to leave the guy

I want to believe you but its just too hard

Your eyes are so convincing, but i need to keep guard

I love you i always will, but i just cant take the pain and lies

When were alone your so sweet, but then your heart turns to ice

You need to let me go, like i have for you

Move on, leave me be, and for once tell the truth

Im tired of being played and taken down

Im done being your rebound


-Marina M. Leyva

© Copyright 2019 Marina Mainville. All rights reserved.

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