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Love, forever, god

Submitted: January 07, 2013

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Submitted: January 07, 2013



Jan 6,2013 When I say to you everything true.....

Let me read to you what I know   And tell me you love me and everything good making me, all that you need 

To survive in this world with me (with me)

And when die you will reunite with me (with me)

And we will thank god for a new start And it will be just the beginning  (so amazing)

I thank the truth for helping through the tough times the bad  brings.

For helping us continue to grow our love (our love)

I can truly say our love is true.

I decdicate myself to you.

when I look, I look you, you bring me paradise.

Just like the waves of the sea, I have come to know him that's why I'm happy.

The morning light shines through your eyes you are mine.

When I face you I will vow to you, along will come I do.

This is for the truth and for you.

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