He told me he loved me

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This story is about a girl in an abusive relationship and learns how to get over it. :) im reaching out to all the girls in a relationship like this. If you are in an abusive relationship please contact help! i hope i can help everyone reading. :)

Submitted: September 15, 2013

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Submitted: September 15, 2013




Dont you dare try to back talk me again. He said.

I heard the children playing outside on their bicyles while this was happening.

Are you listening to me?! --Slap-

Ye- yes i am. Sir. I said.

Now i'm going to work so try to look presentable if you want to go out. and wash your face you look disgusting. He told me.

Okay sir. I Said

I Heard the door slam and sighed a breath of relief. Finally 10 hours without Bryan.

I go over to the sink and wash my face. I Can't keep living like this. I need to tell somebody. But who?

My mother hates me my dad is in jail and my bestfriend is off on her honeymoon in Punta Cana.

I pick up the phone and dial "911" but i end the call. What if he see's the call history? What if he finds me?

No. i said. I Cant keep living like this it isn't healthy.

I Dial "911" and immediately hear the person on the other line.

911 whats your emergency? she said.

I'm in an abusive relationship. & im fearing for my life please help me. I Said.

Okay ma'am calm down tell us your address. She said.

123 Pine Avenue , but wait he isn't at home right now. I Said.

Well we'll just have to get him from work , where is his job? She said.

He works at the Jewlery Factory in 456 Cherry Avenue. I Said.

Don't worry police are going to get him now. She said.

Thank you so much. Then the line went dead.

----Meanwhile with Bryan--

I'm at work just thinking about what im going to eat for lunch when suddenly police come in and ask for a Bryan Gomez.

U-Um thats me sir. I Said.

We will need to ask you a few questions , we are going to take you down to the station. He said.

Y-Yes of couse. May i ask what is this about? I Said.

Your Fiancee Maria Perez has told police that you abuse her. He said.

That son of a bitch. I Thought.

They put me into hand cuffs and take me down to the station...


(Next and Final chapter Next Sunday , see you later friends.)


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