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a narrative poem about two that grow old together

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013




From the moment I layed my eyes on you,

I knew the love was true.

From your eyes, to your heart, you had such an effect.

You were to say the least, perfect.

I loved you that day, and I still love you now.

I loved you so much on the day I read my vow.

We’ve grown old together, throughout good times, and bad.

I will never forget the memories we’ve had.

From the summer we met, to the trip to Bombay,

There are endless memories, too many to say.

This journey of life was such a marvelous climb,

I still truly cannot believe that it is time.

As I lay next you, with tears in my eye,

I know it is time to kiss you goodbye.

You’ve had a wonderful purpose in this life, and you’ve done it well.

There’re so many things, to you, that I wish I had more time to tell.

I would give anything to have one more day by your side,

To go back in time, to once again be your young bride.

To spend the last eight decades with you, has made my life complete.

The last eighty years, I would never delete.

The journey of life works in mysterious ways,

I spent so long with you, yet you continued to amaze.

You kept me young as we grew old.

You made me laugh with the stories you told.

You taught me that love was not meant for tears,

But only it was meant to dismiss your fears.

I do not think I could ever thank you as much as I should.

If I could tell you once more, I would.

You would smile as I would kiss you.

Those cute little things would help me get through.

You always would hold me when I cried.

I just wish you could be here to dry my tears, since you have died.

I love you now, as I did the first day.

I want to follow wherever you went, that day you passed away.

I hope you’re in a better place, and feeling better than you ever had.

Until we meet again, I will be truly sad.

And now I take your hand as I give you one last kiss goodbye.

I do not know how i’ll go on without you, but I will try.

I’ll love you forever, and I’ll keep you in my heart.

Goodbye my dear, I love you. It is time we must part.

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