Beauty-A Letter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

A letter I wrote to myself two and a half years ago. I've kept it because I thought it would make a good prose piece one day.


There are things which I want to tell you, things which I have noticed, and things I want to comment on. First off, I want to say I admire your strength you've shown lately, you've made a lot of hard decisions, and some of them are changing your entire life as you know it. You're taking a giant leap into the unknown, and you are still hoping for the best-I always admired that about you-darling, I hope you know how extremely proud of you I am for this risky business.




I know your heart is going to hurt for a while, but look at the brighter side of life-you're bringing another life into this planet, and that's more beautiful than giving it up. Even if it means you're without the first life you brought in for a while. He still loves you and knows you love him too. He wouldn't have been cuddling on the couch with you tonight unless he didn't love you too.




Love, is something you've always wanted, love and someone to worship the ground you walk on, you've found that-and you love him too. Just don't be afraid to be yourself this time, and I guarantee your life will be amazing. Because, word is, he loves you just as much as you love him. And you both need that because you're both taking a huge step. Just don't forget where you came from.




Friends are important, but sometimes, they just don't understand. Which is why you choose not to tell them anything. Don't be this barred when you make new friends. Don't be afraid to explain thins to the point where they see your point of view. Even though sometimes it's hard to do.




You're beautiful, inside and out, and though you're just now starting to see it, don't ever doubt it. Every decision you've ever made has been for the better at the time, and has taught you something important-take those lessons-use them, because sweetie, you need to use them.




I know sometimes you regret your choices, but when asked, you deny that you regret anything. You just simply say it was a lesson learned. But you yearn to be a regular teenager, a regular person your age-with no worries but their college exam. that'll never be you. I think you knew from a young age that it would never be you.




But it's okay, because you can have that mid-life crisis. You're allowed to.




Just focus on what you want from life, and get it. That's something you've always been awesome at. Getting what you want. I suppose it's the zodiac sign coming out in you. Sometimes, you don't get it in the order you'd like, but eventually you'll make up your mind and you'll go for what it is you want.




Never stop writing, love, you've been told that by educators since the sixth grade and for some pathetic reason unknown to you, you quit writing for the longest time-well, if you start again, don't stop. You have a gift with words and expressing yourself...use it. Don't keep it all in, because it's like slapping your creator in the face for giving you a gift to be heard and keeping it all to yourself.




Finish the stories you have started and can't seem to continue.




Sing. You have a beautiful voice. Don't doubt yourself.




Draw more, you have a talent there too. Just takes practice and you'll be back to your old creative self in no time




Sorry if I keep adding on to this, but I feel like you need to read my words from time to time.


Finally, I love you.
-The Girl in the Mirror



Submitted: April 08, 2012

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