Defeated She

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Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011




Are you mad?

A tad obsessed.

You’re distressed.

A mess, without even thinking.

Stinking up the room with your filth.

I can't even bare to think of you.

One eye, constantly fallowing me,

Do you even care bout us two?

You’re losing screws and pulling shit down with you.

It’s scary.

I’m worried,

You’re gone.

Thrown off the deep end.

You always tend to be clingy.

But this time it’s stingy, and gone to far.

I’m tired of trying to always be on par with you.

You’re a try hard and that’s ok.

Care a little too much,

But hey, you’re in touch with yourself. Right?

I loved you,

Sacrificed for you.

I was part of this too.

And here you are, flushing everything down the toilet.

You are having a fit. shit!

Calm the fuck down and think of what your doing.

You’re brewing a hate that no one wants to see.

It may be too late but I just want you to be,

free from this state of mind that has got you down on your knees.

So please.

 Pick yourself up.

We’ve all had enough?

Roughed up by the nature of the beast.

I try it my hardest to end something sweet.

I except defeat and see this won't end well.

You can dwell in your hell and sell me a story,

But I can’t buy it so I won’t even worry.

Stop where you are.

Lets not make this gory.

I’m sick of this chanting.

Just calm down and forget all your ranting.

Your hard to understand when you constantly panting.

I’m sorry I hurt you but your shits in a bunch.

If you’re in denial, grab something to punch.

Stop crushing everything together; This isn’t garbage but something much better.

You’re going to feel under the weather.  

But loosen this tether.

Give your self some air.

Help make the pain easier to bare.

Out there is a world, a place to explore. 

Just open the door, I'm sure you want more.

There's plenty of others for you to adore.

Just leave me alone. 

I can't deal with your steam. 

You've shared all my secretes, my sadness my dreams.

They drift down a stream because you can't hold your tongue.

But we're young and among us,

One has to stand.

The others way up there waiting to land.

© Copyright 2018 Mark Cacciatore. All rights reserved.

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