Lies (marks diary)

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Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011




I’m a lie.

The life my friends know is nothing but lies.

Knots tied, my hide on the line.

If you really knew me, you’re no friend of mine.

Grinding stories together to make things believable.

I’ve stored all your habits and made them retrievable.

I want you, you’re not receivable. I’m available.

Capable of treating you well. Fable!

Being with me is like burning in hell.

I fell off my high horse and want a helping hand.

Please dear god, please help me to stand!

I’m a man with a plan. So grand, I demand to be treated well.

If this isn’t interesting maybe this one will sell.

I fell from power, to devour your flock.

Take the live stock while you mock me

And tell me I’m weak. You talk and you talk.

Now I’m holding your beak so tight, you cant even squeak.

You’re meek and eager to lose.

Choose to make those decisions that most look down upon.

They frown upon, but we don’t care.

Higher then hell and out of reach.

You can teach and we won’t listen.

You can preach, but we aren’t missing much,

Out of touch, out mind. Go ahead, try and find the mind,

 You wish to corrupt. I won’t give in nor will I erupt.

May I interrupt, switch things up, without being told to shut up

No, why would I do such a thing. Freedom of speech, I’d rather sing. 

You got the upper hand but I got something to bring. lies

© Copyright 2018 Mark Cacciatore. All rights reserved.

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