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Just a lil'bit bout me!

Submitted: December 12, 2011

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Submitted: December 12, 2011




All I’d ever been is what I’ve seen, Have heard, Observed…

Longing for a chance for you to see me, change, absurd… 

I’ve learned, grown, thrown myself into a cycle of madness…

Consuming more shit to depress the sadness…

I see in my reflection, a vessel of depression…

Acceptance is the law, and my only flaw…

I’ll buy your clothes, smoke your weed, piling substance after substance, I need.

I bleed. Adapt to my surroundings. Become the crowd; I’m not allowed,

To be different.

Repent, enough, I don’t need more stuff.

I’m cuffed , gagged, snagged and can’t work tomorrow…

I’m to worried about my own sorrow…

I am pissed. Mad with power…

My imagination will soon devour what makes me real…

I’d rather feel blazed, dazed, glazed by the wind, the sun, the fun I had looking at the world through a child’s eye.

Am I waiting to die, believing a lie, slowly digesting toxins, I’m a fox in a box in a box and I don’t want to be locked in.

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Poem / True Confessions


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