Oh '01

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I think they're going to start sending the cyber po-po on my site for rating x material that is clearly RUserious?!

ha. I slay me.

Submitted: January 19, 2010

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Submitted: January 19, 2010




ok writer.

I was an alien once

yeah...*lights chew up cigar* *cigar does not light*

yeah back in 53

came here on one-a-dem rosswell mexican ships

yeah that guy they got and chopped up for "research" was my best friends cousin

big story on the ships...boy were they P.O'd


I mean, we get alot of bad press for being who we are

most of us have gone into hiding

or farce the facts so much no one believes a word they say anyway

but hey man, we are who we are

much like, not unlike your own creatures on this here earth

we're just alot more like what you guys want to be

if you ever thought you met the perfect man

he was probably part alien

let me just put it that way

all the great musicians were aliens

most of the actors

and by most i mean some

but the great ones

green bloods all the way

and don't get alarmed by it

it's not like we're new here

hell we've been around longer than the dinosaurs in some respect

so really...


I hope that helps some in your great searches

til then

I'll try my best to elope more eloquently

but this cat is spend

under privileged

and full of god

hell I am god

aint that a bitch

no one wants to be god

even god don't wanna be god

thing is

god don't get to pick weather or not he's god

all powerful

just don't expect to renounce your all powerfulness

either your chosen or your not

end of story

eat some morning glory seeds and call the ER

err...hey, just tell 'em that old alien from the pizza shop toldja

buck up soldja


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