The Late Night Shift

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I wrote this piece for two reasons. One, I wanted to practice writing fighting scenes. Two, in the ending, it shows that no matter what happens, everything will just move on afterwards.

Submitted: May 11, 2011

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Submitted: May 11, 2011



It was 11pm at the Inn where Michael worked. He had cleaned all the rooms that his messy guests left after they finished their vacation. The T.V was on the news channel and Michael had been listening to it faintly. All he picked up from it was someone was on the loose hiding. He didn’t really care because the news channel was national. They probably got the news from a different state about the man. Finally finished, Michael fell back on the chair behind the desk where the manager usually sat. He removed his black pork pie hat from his head and fanned himself with it. He tilted back on the chair slightly and looked over at the door. The mop was still out along with some other cleaning equipment. Michael sighed and slouched over to the stuff and picked it all up in his arms then walked over the basement door. The door opened slowly and Michael walked down the stairs carefully with the supplies. The basement had some dark areas in it even with the lights on. He dropped the stuff off by the water heater and took a deep breath. As soon as he turned around, an arm came out from behind the shadows and wrapped itself around Michael’s neck tightly like a snake, constricting him from breathing. Michael jumped and yelled but was soon silenced after another hand slithered across his face, covering his mouth. The man finally stepped out of the shadows completely and began to whisper into Michael’s ear quietly for him to shush. The basement began growing darker to Michael and his struggles to get free were useless. As a finally attempt, Michael grabbed the man’s arm and reached back and grabbed his head. All in one motion, he flipped the man over his back onto the floor. The man had let go. Michael was now free from his grasp and tried running for the basement stairs but the man grabbed him by the ankle, making him fall onto the floor. The man stood up and pulled Michael towards himself but Michael kicked away from him and was again free of his grasp. He tried standing up but the man clenched his fist and threw a punch at Michael, his fist connecting with the ribcage. There was a loud snapping sound from that came from Michael’s chest. He screamed loudly but ignored the pain and swung his fist upwards at the man. His fist collided with the man’s jaw, making the man stumble back. Michael followed it up without hesitation and grabbed the man’s head. He slammed his skull against his forehead hard, making them both fall back. The fight has been going on for a couple of minutes now. Both of them were beaten up pretty bad and had almost no energy left. The basement of the Inn was nearly wrecked due to their fight. At this point, they both just wanted it to be over. Michael was losing though. He stayed there on his hands and knees, coughing up blood from a previous blow to the ribs he had taken. His hat fell of his head and his hair hung over his eyes a bit. The man stood up slowly and staggered over to Michael, breathing heavily. He lifted his foot and let out a grunt as he kicked Michael across his face, knocking him down to his side. Michael began to bleed a river of blood from his forehead down his face. The man kicked him in his side over and over again. Michael caught his foot and stood up, throwing the guy back away from himself. The man fell onto his back and got up slowly. Michael bent down and reached for his hat, putting it back on, and stared at the man, half his face soaked in blood. The man stared back and wiped the sweat off of his forehead. He took a deep breath then charged at Michael fast. He swung at him but Michael sidestepped his punch and grabbed his wrist and the back of his neck. He used the momentum of the man’s charge and spun him quickly then slammed his face into a metal pipe that connected from wall to wall. The pipe burst and let out a fury of steam everywhere. Michael pushed the man’s face harder into the pipe, letting the steam burn his face, making him scream. The screaming stopped after a long minute. Michael let go and let the man fall back onto the floor dead. His face was black in small areas and bleed like crazy until it formed a pool of blood around his body. Michael sighed and walked upstairs to office phone. He dialed 911 and explained to the cops what had happened. He hung up the phone and walked back downstairs to the man. Why didn’t he stay hidden? Did he think I saw him? He sighed and rubbed his arm. He thought it was best not to think about it anymore.

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