If they could see your soul

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War is a cruel heartless matter, a young boy takes his first place of employment at a small resturaunt in a predominantly ethnic part of town onlt to eventually meet a survivor of the prevailing warfare going on in the country of Serbia.

Submitted: July 12, 2008

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Submitted: July 12, 2008



Her name is Aunica
To some she is just another face
In an ordinary place
Another individual of habit, manner, and style
An elderly stout woman whose brown complexion
Bares the stamp of her ethnicticity

Amongst the hustle and bustle of others in a small café
She is the quiet old lady whom labors away
In a back room filled by the monotony of everyday
Routines, her hands are coarse, yet strapping
Unto an average customer, she saunters about
Replacing silverware and plates
But goes virtually unnoticed by most

Except for one, who see beyond
Weary eyes and a worn black apron
For if only they could see your soul
There would be a cloud of sorrow
And ever present shadow of despair

When cities in your homeland Serbia
Violently collapsed due to prolonged warfare
And conflicts, your heart plummeted to the bottom
Of your being along with it
A city now converted into mounds of ash
And ascending clouds of smoke

Memories of a life, you once had
Are now swept aimlessly about
By a ruthless and non sympathetic wind
Like those who executed their cruel tyranny
Upon the remnants of your very foundation
Through compassion and understanding
I have acquired eyes that see
You have opened up you home to me
I have eaten in your presence
And extended unto you an ear
For many stories this woman
Has shared, these tales I will hold
For her, life has been truly cold
So now it is known

If they could see your soul
The fierce light of your courage
Would be ever so blinding
Your determination and inner strength
Are akin to a lions roar
And an aura whose mere presence
Casts a vibration that is piercing

To the casual eye you are just
That simple woman whom carries
A tray of plates and smiles
Amid the conversations and
Cigarette smoke,
If only they could see your soul

(This poem is dedicated to all those who have experienced
The misfortune and the loss due to war in some form or another
You will always be remembered)

© Copyright 2019 Mark Lee. All rights reserved.

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