Friends To The End

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

The love of my life broke up with me.... This is just a little message to tell her I wanna be her friend at least forever.

Friends To The End.


I’m Sorry For All The Things I Said And Did That Hurt

I’m Sorry That I Broke Your Heart And Made You Feel Like Dirt

I Never Meant To Make You Cry, I Never Meant You Harm

I Didnt Mean To Snap At You, Its Just Hard To Keep Me Calm

Your Happiness Mean Most To Me, More Than You Could Know

It Hurts Now That You’ve Gone Away, But I Do Not Let It Show

Your Footsteps Have Now Parted Mine, You Walk A Seperate Path

But I Hope You Still Want Me Around, We Can Have More Hugs And Laughs

I Know You Need Your Space From Me, From Me And All My Shit

I Know You Need To Get Away, But Please Just Think Bout It

The Last Two Years Of My Life As Always Brought Me Smiles

You Brought Me Love That I Had Never Had, And Wont Have For A While

You Made Me Feel Complete And Whole, You Gave My Soul A Mate

I Know We Have Now Grown Apart, But Please Never Feel Hate

This Hard For Both Of Us, And I Understand Your Pain

But Please Trust Me Just One More Time, I Have Lots That You Could Gain

Sorrow Fills Your Eyes All Day, And Pain Etched On Your Face

The Happiness I Once Adored Is Gone And Left No Trace

I Know I Cause The Pain You Feel, I Know I Do You Wrong

But I Need A Chance To Be A Friend, Friend For A Time So Long

I Will Bring Back All Your Joy, I Will Bring Home Your Soul

Too See You Smile Again One Day Is My One And Only Goal

I Do Mean Everything I Say, This Isn’t Just Pretend

I Just Hope That You Want To Be, My Friend Until The End

Submitted: February 02, 2010

© Copyright 2021 Mark Malevolent. All rights reserved.

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Mark Malevolent

Grr..... I used to mean these words..... Stupid bitch lol :)

Thu, May 6th, 2010 12:53am

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