The Broken Truth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Its just a poem I wrote when thinking back on something I missed, then realising I was better off without it.

Submitted: May 07, 2010

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Submitted: May 07, 2010



Your Angels Wings Will Cease To Fly, As Your Lips Begin To Lie

I Have No Place To Run And Hide, And Like My Heart, My Soul Must Die

In The Dark I'll Sit And Cry, I Cannot Help To Just Ask Why

Always Should Be You And I, But Pain Forever Stains My Eyes

My Love For You Has Made Me Blind, Yet Love For You Has Been Denied

The Hate Is Building Up Inside, I Slowly Start To Lose My Mind

You Were So Lovely And So Kind, To Then I Wish I Could Rewind

But Now I'll Leave The Past Behind, Your Heart I Know I'll Never Find

Forever Did I Try And Try, But Now Your Gaze Will Pass Me By

And Now Alone I Sit And Sigh, And Ponder Times We Climbed So High

I Cannot Bear To Stand And Fight, Because I Know Just What You're Like

Your Darkness Will Now Shroud My Light, I Need Someone To Hear My Plight

You Were My Only Kryptonite, My Heart And Soul Will Now Take Flight

To Places Where I Have No Sight, Your New Found Hate Will Be My Night

Your Evil Blackened Dark Twilight, That Was The Passion Of My Life

Has Now Become And Evil Knife, That Thrives In Abscence Of The Nice

You've Become And Evil Parasite, Thats Slowly Sucking Up My Pride

Soon I Wont Be Left Alive, Cause In The End I Wont Survive

The Pain Inside I Cant Describe, What To Do I Cant Decide

Cause My World Is Now A Roaring Fire, A Flame Of Pain And Dead Desire

The Happiness That You Supplied, Its Supply Has Now Run Dry

As You Let Old Feelings Slide, And I Guess Its Time To Say Goodbye

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