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As he sits in his foxhole all he can think of is the girl back home who's not waiting for him.

Submitted: May 09, 2014

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Submitted: May 09, 2014



A man sat watching the stars in his little hole. To him it seemed the war was gone and it was almost like his teen years again just lying outside alone at night. For once it was quiet and all he heard were the night bugs and men whispering. Not the usual artillery rounds and gun shots he heard at night. It was as if he didn’t have to worry.

He reached into his pocket, past the bullets, past the pain and pulled out an envelope. Inside were letters he received from the only person he ever cared about. Every letter began with a “Dear Teddy,” yet never seemed to end with love. It was too dark to try and read any but he already read them almost a million times and had them memorized. Just the feel of paper that she touched calmed him and made him somewhat happy.

Teddy closed his eyes and pictured her. There was a lot going through his head and so many questions. The first thing he thought about were the times in high school working together in class and practicing after school. Even occasional hang outs they had for studying or milkshakes outside of school. He got to see her almost every day and cherished it.

Now things were different. He was out in some foreign place fighting foreign men while she was in college studying foreign knowledge. Teddy wondered what she was doing whether it was in class or out late with other people. But she probably never cared or even thought about him except when the letters came in. He still remembered the day she gave him that final goodbye hug before he left for basic training and even what she smelled like and what she was wearing.

Teddy imagined what it would have been like if he could have been more than friends with her. Going on dates, holding hands, kissing, and just being together is all he wished for. She was the only thing that kept him going through all this madness. As he sat there he slowly drifted off to sleep to dream of home.

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