The Dreamers

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A tribute to those who have ever dared to create or imagine.

Submitted: March 08, 2010

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Submitted: March 08, 2010



For all the writers who write the words,
For all the musicians who play the chords,
For all the warriors who fight the good fight,
For all the righteous who uphold what is right,
For all the historians who count the times,
For all the poets who rhyme the rhymes,
For all the craftsmen who fix what is broken,
For all the saints who repay a kind token,
For all the rebels who fight against the tide,
For all the seekers who discover what can't hide,
For all the scientists who magnify the unseen,
For all the explorers who venture where we've never been,
For all the innocent who were helplessly killed,
For all the architects who use their own hands to build,
For all the thinkers who ponder and imagine,
For all the inventors who experiment their fashion,
For all the romantics who daydream of love,
For all the fliers who have flown man above,
For all the godly who right what is wrong,
For all the singers who serenade with song,
For all the honest who don't lie about what is true,
For all the dreamers in the world, this poem is for you.

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