Are you a good leader?

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How well do you lead at work? Do you understand how to lead to achieve set goals?

Submitted: July 14, 2017

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Submitted: July 14, 2017



A good leader will share a vision and will motivate a staff to achieve that vision. If any of the staff do not know what the company’s vision and goals are; if they do not know what their part in the company achieving that vision or goals is, you are failing as a leader.

People first

A good leader will put his or her people first knowing that they are the key in the success of the business. If you are not doing everything in your power to motivate, educate, promote and to understand your staff, you are failing as a leader.


Good leaders communicate efficiently, they listen to understand and not to be understood. If you talk more than you listen, if you know what you mean but no one else around you does, you are failing as a leader.


A good leader is self assured, oozes enthusiasm, leads by example and manages stress and frustration. If you raise your voice to your staff, if you use sarcasm, if you show preference for one person or team over the other, you are failing as a leader.


The company culture and the people of the company are a reflection of you. Chances are, if your company is not doing well, if there is decent within the ranks and if there is any form of culture other than that of being a big team that is focused, positive and enthusiastic, you are failing as a leader.


A good leader delegates effectively. By taking a genuine interest in the staff you will know their interests, strengths and weaknesses and use this to the advantage of everyone by delegating tasks best suited to a particular person’s ability, experience and interests. If you simply delegate tasks to whoever is least busy, or if you delegate menial tasks to high achievers, you are failing as a leader.


Lead by example; do as you wish others to do. Show all your staff respect, get out “there” and spend time with them, take the time to listen to them, put aside time and resources for ongoing professional development and motivation, if you are not doing all of this, you are failing as a leader.


Inspiring your team to see the vision of the successes to come is vital. Make your team feel part of the accomplishments of the company and show appreciation for the hard work everyone has put in by giving unexpected bonuses, awards or (at the very least) public praise. If you are not inspiring your team, if your team is not focused on the set company goals and if you teams spirits are not high, you are failing as a leader.


As a leader you should, on a daily bases, move amongst staff, communicating and interacting. Your staff should want to talk to you, should want to share things with you and should want to be in your presence. If the staff does not want to speak with you or, when you approach or summons staff, they feel they are in trouble, you are failing as a leader.

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