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The lost boy, the siblings, and the prophet. These four people have fallen through their world into the next.
Elena Pheon, the daughter of a seer, has been given the task of locating these intruders, but she has no idea what to do or where to go. With only the help of her pet, Pastel, she embarks on a journey in which the only way for her to find help is to either talk to the dead, or follow her instinct.
Even spirits break the rules...

If you could comment, whether good or bad (just try to keep it constructive), then it'd be very much appreciated =^3^=

Table of Contents

Little Brown Box

In the middle of a city, in the middle of a great ocean, is the town of Embroke. It is mainly a town of stone, but one grass hill lies... Read Chapter

The Whistling Man

  Elena‘s journey to Ultife was a long one. For the first few miles, she walked at a steady pace, but after a while her legs grew ... Read Chapter

Message in the Candle

  Elena spent the entire night floating down the river, and when she finally woke from the trance, she was lying on a riverbed. H... Read Chapter

The Lost Boy

Elena had been walking for twenty minutes when an idea struck her. “Pastel, come here a second” she called. The cat obeyed her or... Read Chapter

The Dead's Wood

After finding one of the people who passed through, Elena begins her adventure. Khairi, the lost boy, says that there is something important in Dead's Wood, but will they all survive the trek through such a treachourous forest filled with the spirits of the damned? Read Chapter

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