Day on the Beach

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Poem about a nice beach setting in the summer

Submitted: February 25, 2012

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Submitted: February 25, 2012



Arriving in a hurry as the sun rises to noon

Rushing to experience that summer afternoon

The morning breeze swims freely through my hair

A day to relax and rest without a care

Hearing those mugging birds calling overhead

Wondering what they might have thought or said

The waves can be heard, breaking and splashing

Causing majestic castles of sand to come down crashing

I close my eyes to let the sounds enchant me

Releasing my heart and setting my soul free

The sun blazes down high up in the sky

Burning the sand and sucking it dry

The children don't mind, they continue to laugh and play

Enjoying their playground on that warm summer day

Looking around the sight is astounding

I can hear the heart of the ocean rhythmically pounding

It beats so strong, drawing people to come

Rocking people softly as the seas sing and hum

But as I lower my head, I doze off with a snore

Laying on that beach on the sandy summer shore

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