A Past that haunts me

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A horrific past that haunts me in my sleep that I can't get rid of no matter how hard i try. I almost cried just typing it. And i did cry writing it.

Submitted: September 05, 2010

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Submitted: September 05, 2010



I scream, I yell.
No one to hear my call.
I cry, I sob.
Still no one at all.
I demanded to be released,
From the evil that grabbed me.
Being pushed to the floor,
And no one to catch me.
Tears of fear,
Running down my face.
I can’t even flee,
My heart begins to race.
Being uncertain,
To what would happen after.
The demon begins to smile,
With a joy of laughter.
Laughing at my fear,
With fire in its eyes.
Wanting to see me suffer,
Wanting to see me die.
Ripping the soul from my body,
I’m gasping for air.
Looking directly in it eyes,
Nowhere else to stair.
The demon leans forward,
Getting closer to my ear.
Whispering, “don’t worry baby I won’t hurt you.”
Those words hit me like spears.
Shirt being torn,
Clothing bring dropped.
Yelling for mercy,
Still the demon doesn’t stop.
After 4 long hits,
I finally break free.
By one step into the hall,
The demon runs free with no trace at all.
I dash to my house,
In my room I cry.
Frightened it wasn’t over,
The fear never died.
I needed someone to lean on,
But no one was there.
It seem I was invisible,
Or that no one even cared.
My parents run into my room,
Asking me what was wrong.
Explaining to them what happenedall along.
No one believed me,
They thought I had a horrific dream all along.
Demanding me to go back to sleep.
I go to my bed and begin to sleep,
Not one word came out my mouth,
Not even one peep.
As years go by I will never forget that day,
I will never forget that demon that got away.
How nobody believed me,
And fear in my eyes I don’t know why it picked me.
My past still haunts me sleep or awake,
I know one thing, I will never forget that horrific day.

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