High School

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
In todays world bullying is getting worse and worse. For this young man it not only bullying but abuse. Will true love save him? Or does he have his own plan?

Submitted: February 13, 2014

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Submitted: February 13, 2014



Chapter One

They are all laughing at me. Every single one of them. They love to tell me things. They love to hit me amd give me bruises and cuts. I dont know why though. People just hate me. No one understands me and i doubt anybody ever will. I have been drinking and smoking trying to make all the pain go away but it is only for a little bit, nothing helps.

Everyday when i walk through the school gate, i walk through the gates of hell, where pain is for eterenity and you cannot look for any hope because people kill and burn for their wrong doings. 

Chapter 2

The alarm goes off at 6 am and i am really tired. Waking for school is never easy, well at least for me. I have a routine i do: Wake Up, eat, get ready, and leave. It is simple and it gets me to school on time so it is nice.

I go in the bathroom and give me a deep stare in my mirror, well what is left of it. My dad got mad at me because i accidentely turned off the TV while he was watching the Super Bowl and he took me to the bathroom and he grabbed my hand and forced my hand through the mirror having my hand split open and the blood was all over the sink and the floor. I told him i would never do it again and he told me "Damn right you wont!"  After he threw me in the closet and locked me in there, it was dark. I was in there for a few hours until my mom would get me out and she would hold me tight. 

A few months later, my dad told me she ran away. He showed me the note that she wrote and he blamed everything on me. I told him i was sorry. He didnt listen.

 After my routine, i walked out the door and walked steadily to school which was down the street. On my way i see my long loved crush, Misty. She was perfect to me. She had an amazing personality and appearance which was a plus. I told myself that one day she would be my girlfriend, She will.

Chapter 3

As i walk through the school gates with my white hood on so nobody sees me. The bell rings, telling me i have to go to class which was English. The day was going pretty well, then the bell rang telling me i had to go to lunch.

I got my lunch and i sat down by myself like i always do. From the corner of my eye i see Nick, Austin, and Martin. They are yelling "Hey Faggot!" and power walking towards me. They stood in front of me and they all push me off the table and take my lunch away, laughing. Everyone laughs with them and at me. I wipe myself off and i walk away looking at the ground. People are yelling Faggot! I hold it all in.

The final period comes and it is P.E. I really dont like because Nick, Austin, and Martin have it too. Once we got our warm ups done my coach told us to go run around a field. So i strart running at a nice pace but they are behind me the whole time. 

We are back in the locker room and i walk into the restroom and while i am using it i hear footsteps coming towards me. I zip up my pants then BAM! they start punching me and kicking me. I hit the floor and then Nick kicks me in the head and from what i can see people are recording me. They are laughing at me. FAGGOT! FAGGOT! I am on the floor as they spit on me and they laugh and walk away. I get up bloody and cut and i start limping my way home.

Chapter 4

I got home and my father looked at me. He looked at my bruises and cuts and started getting furious "What the hell happened to you!?" "Well my..." he inturrepts me "No! I dont wanna hear it! My son is weak! My fucking son is a godddam pussy!" He slaps me in the face, his hand print stays on my face. "No wonder your mother left." He walks away and out the door, I can't take this anymore. I am tired. I am hurt. I left too, walking alone. 

Chapter 5

I walk out of the house, then i walk back in. I go in my dad's room and i take his cigarettes, cognac, marijuana and his Colt .45, the one that looks like a revolver.  I put all of them in my jacket pockets and i decided to run away too. I took $500 from his drawer then i see a piece of paper i got it and i read it. 

Dear, Journal

I finally got rid of the bitch. She is buired somewhere in Oregon. I'll just tell the boy she ran away. Free at last!

I started to cry reading it. I break his windown and i storm out the door getting some ammo for the Colt .45. I walk out quickly slamming the door.

Chapter 6

As i am walking down the driveway i see Misty walking up it. She smiles and she says "Hey.." very shyly "Hey.." i also say shyly putting my hair back. "You wanna hang out?" "I'd love to." We walk together and as we walk i accidentaly bump into her and as i do she holds my hand. "What are you doing?" I ask softly. She sighs and she says "Victor, i have a confession. I really like you. I know you probably don't believe me but i do. I have seen what happens to you and it makes me cry. I wanna fight this with you. I am not against you, i am with you." I look down at the floor. I want to believe her but it is very hard to. She lifts my head and she kisses me on my lips. I felt like the world stopped and i pull her close to me and we kiss passionetly. I pull away and i smile at her and she smiles back. "I need to tell you everything." She softly says "I'm here."  We gi ib wakjubg until dark and i tell her my story.

Chapter 7

I walk her home and i hug her and she feels the gun and she pulls it out and yells" What's this?" "None of your business!" pulling it away from her. "Victor! Don't!" She starts to cry "I love you.." I respond "I love you too...you just dont understand. I have to do what i have to do.  You dont understand Misty." She cries more and i kiss her goodbye and i walk away and i hear her yell "Text me!"

Chapter 8

Me and her are texting:

Me: I have to!

Misty: No U Dont!:(

Me: If you are abused and bullied you would do it too! They will pay!

Chapter 9

I am sitting on the curb in front of my house drinking the bottle of Cognac, smoking cigarettes and the marijuana. The pain is going away slowly. Do i have to do this? I am in so much pain physically and emotionally. I nod my head and i get furious and i laugh and yell They will pay!

Chapter X

It is Monday again but this time i am not scared. Not one damn bit. I am ready. I havent showered or been home ever since i left the house. I walk in front of the main school building and it starts to rain, thunder rumbling and roaring, flashes of lighting filling the sky as i just stand there. In front of the school, my heart racing like crazy. I walk over to the front door and i swing the front door open and i see everyone talking like nothing. A normal day. I walk over to the hall where Nick, Austin, and Martin's lockers are. I walk in front of them and i pull out the Colt .45 and before they say anything i yell FUCK YOU! I pull the trigger BAM! BAM! BAM! Shooting the 3 of them everyone starts running and screaming and i keep shooting their bodies BAM! BAM! BAM! I throw the gun on the floor and i walk over to the main hall and i drop on my knees laughing but crying. The weight are lifted off my shoulders i yell "Free at last!"  Down the hall i see Misty with her hands over her mouth and i hear the sirens of the police cars coming and she yells "Why! Why!" The police storm in and take me down and they put me in handcuffs and i smile and tell her "It is done......"




© Copyright 2020 marklevinson123. All rights reserved.

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