second chances

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

and i love him/?

Think twice because it is another day for you and me in each other’s life.

“Is it even worst it anymore? We have been through a lot.”- Voices start to shout again in our head.

I am addicted to you. Waking up next to you became a habit. Being next to you feels as natural as my body’s motor functions. We got used to each other like shadow and the dancer. They never notice each other anymore, they just continue dancing on their own pace, same way but different pace…

It’s time to face this love again or just feel the fresh breath of wind of change.

Maybe we can make it work this time.

I am in my living room, table full of wok papers. You are in your bedroom sleeping in emptiness. 

 you said Sky  was the limit but, yet we are still stuck on the earth. At least sky will always cover me from above. Right now it is as gloomy as me and I feel like it’s going to cry.

When sky cries, earth will absorb all the sorrow and from the tears of sadness it will create the life just to show sky how special it can be. Every tear will become waterfall; Tear by tear beautiful ocean will be born. Ocean will nurse the children of earth and this is how they show the love to each other.

What are we doing? We are not even in the same room anymore. Farther you go, closer I get to see myself.

We grew into each other’s life. It looked like we leaved as one. You are the roots of 100 years old tree spread in depth of earth. You are the story to tell, you carry the history of century. You are the evidence of the hope, how the small sprout grew so great and created home for millions.  But I was your home… you held the nests for other’s hearts.

Take me back to the magic of the moment of that glory night when we met.

Everything felt so new but familiar. When I saw the future for us, not the memories of past.

Let’s me take you far, far away back to the memories.

I remembered the red velvet cupcakes. Remember? I made them for you on Valentine’s Day.  They were sweet and red like your lips. If I kiss you now, will your mouth still be that true like before?

Today we will meet again. I am not expecting anything. I don’t even feel the disappointment anymore.

I know who you are. I know you love me. I know you will never change…

I don’t want to change you. I loved you…

You never learned how to love me.

Today is your second chance. Today is the beginning of new chapter with same old characters in same old book. I guess we all know how this is going to end, but we never stop giving it a second chance.

What is second chance? It is not even second. Chance is the hope of the future.

Future is unknown. Sometimes not knowing is better because is gives you hope. Unknown can be anything and everything. Unknown leads to the places and can take any course of the road in life. Unknown is limitless and sky is the limit.

Words are the limit. “I love you”- I could never defy my feelings in just 2 words.

I could never plan the moments of love, lust or hate I will feel towards you. “I love you” is the limit.

You tried to put me in the box and you ended up right there, stuck next to me.

With a little air to breath and no space to move we grew on each other.

We were literally stuck in love.  We were stuck in the box of feelings you called love, but it was my choice when I decided to stay there with you.

I will see you again in few hours, but will I see the person I knew?

I still feel as anxious as I felt on our first date, but this time it is because I am afraid of the known, same old familiar end.

I am still picking out my outfit carefully. Since this is the second chance…

Let’s pretended that is the second chance… let’s pretend that this is the first time I have to immerse you and you to impress me.

Your eyes do not lie. I know you love me, but I don’t know what love means for you anymore.

The words become the limit. Here:

This is second chance.

This is you and your love.

And here is me.

Me waiting for a change, without changing the “you”.


Submitted: September 17, 2015

© Copyright 2022 marko lu. All rights reserved.

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