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A train journey of her mind

Submitted: November 15, 2017

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Submitted: November 15, 2017



She always loved the long train journeys from her little, quiet hometown to the busy, noisy capital. Not exactly for the comfort of the worn down compartment, the smell of which she wanted to wash away as soon as she arrived to her tiny student room. Nor did she enjoy the company of other people who would sometimes have a tendency to start a conversation with her that she absolutely wasn’t interested in. What she loved about those 3 hours were the subtle moments when the train was passing by suburbs and she could see the enormous blocks of houses.

Hundreds of lives cramped in a building. She could almost physically feel the energy of all those dreams and lost hopes hidden behind the walls or peeking through windows that all looked the same. A love-making couple next to a lonely, ageing woman. Parents arguing about their misbehaving children who drive them crazy every they and who they love deeply every night. A pimpled teenager listening to his favourite song for the twentieth time, having a feeling that nothing else can describe his life better.

Sometimes she thought that such a house is a condensed version of everything we experience on our way. That our life is a big, shabby house with apartments of different colours, sizes and moods. In some of these apartments we live for a long time, others we barely visit. We don’t always remember our neighbours. And very often we get no warning sign that we are about to move again, or that in the next apartment we are going to live alone.

Right now, she wasn’t feeling comfortable in her place. In her thoughts, she had been touching the door handle many times, but now she was ready to do it, close the door behind her and find a new door. She wasn’t sure what colour to expect or if she wants somebody to be there, but she knew that now is the time. 

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