The Rainbow Murders

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"Katie is neither black nor white. She likes the rainbow and the Western Sky."
That was all that was written. The message.

Submitted: July 27, 2012

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Submitted: July 27, 2012



I had been staring at the piece of paper since lunch time. The sky outside was already getting dark.

“Katie is neither black nor white. She likes the rainbow and the Western Sky.”

That was what was written on the piece of paper. I know that staring would not get me anywhere, but I just could not make sense of the message. Who is Katie? I know three Katies but one of them is black and the other two are white. One of them might like rainbows, I thought, but who cares which side of the sky you are looking at?

I shook my head and turned my chair to face the window. I sighed. Being a detective sure is difficult. The recent murders had me missing breakfasts and sleeping later and later. Mr Forrest had suspected that this was actually a serial murder, committed by the same person. I told him he was reading too much into it. He just smirked that lopsided grin of his.

“Experience, my boy. You need experience.” He said.

Before he left the house, he handed me the piece of paper. The message.

“Keep it carefully,” he said. “You might find what you need in it.”

Then he left ‘to fish’ and never came back. He was the fourth victim, if this was a serial murder after all. He was my mentor and a father figure to me. I did not feel I was ready to inherit his detective firm and to spread my wings as a mature detective. Kenneth disagreed though. He said I was more than ready, and if I ever needed any help financially, I could ask for his help anytime. If he said I was ready it should be true. I have known him almost my whole life and he is my best friend. He knows me more than I know myself.

“Arggh!!!” I tapped my head hard. This is not the time for reminiscing and daydreaming. I stared back at the paper. Still nothing came to my head, no light bulbs, no eureka.

“You are taking this too seriously.” Mr Forrest’s words echoed in my ear. “Take it easy. Think simply.”

Alright. So Katie is neither black nor white. She must be grey then. Katie Grey! I thought. That is a name. Now who is Katie Grey?

I wrote the name over and over again in my hand. Katie Grey. Katy Grey. Kathy Grey. K… T… Grey??? I could not believe my own thoughts. K. T. Grey. Kenneth Thornton Grey. Could he be…??

Then it all suddenly clicked in place. Katie likes the rainbow. The murder victims are, in chronological order, Daniel Scarlett, William Orange, John Mustard, and… Viridian Forrest. Red, orange, yellow and green! So the next one would be… blue?

Katie likes the western sky too. Western sky. West Sky…???

My eyes widened with shock.

My name is Wesley Skye. Wes Skye.

I had uncovered the message. It was not pretty too.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. I opened the door to find Kenneth standing, hands behind his back. I froze. Kenneth Thornton Grey.

“Hello, Wes. Oh, or rather, goodbye, Wes!”

He pointed a blue revolver to my head. I cursed myself for being so thick. I could have figured everything out earlier. It is all too late now.

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