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A drifter and a young woman he has never met are captured by a satanic sheriff and his deputies for the purpose of human sacrifice. Together, the two of them try to plan their escape.

Submitted: March 09, 2014

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Submitted: March 09, 2014





By Mark Schreindorfer



The life of a drifter had its dangers. Brian Williams chose to drift after serving hard time. He was an ex-con with a history of bad luck and botched armed robberies. For many drifters the life style meant freedom, for Brian it was a way of avoiding trouble, but trouble had a way of finding him.

He was in his mid-thirties, medium built and physically fit. Walking long distances had become second nature to him, even in a place like Arizona. It had been a hot day in July 1976. The dry heat was taking its toll on Brian as the Sun began to set. He could feel his legs urging him to rest as he looked ahead at the two-lane highway. For the past three hours he had no luck hitching a ride.

He sat on a rock by the side of the road and took out a pack of cigarettes with a Zippo lighter from his small backpack. After inhaling his first drag he gazed at the dry landscape, there were ranges of mountains and wooded hills in the foreground of the setting sun. He saw a trailer park tucked behind the highway on his left. As he finished his smoke he heard the sound of police sirens approaching from the direction of a small town called Pinedale. (Population 757)

There were three police cars chasing a station wagon at high speed, the vehicles blew up a cloud of dust as they darted past him. He grimaced as the dust entered his mouth and looked at the chase. Someone’s in an awful lot of trouble, he thought.

He continued walking at a steady pace in the direction of Pinedale and after twenty minutes or so all four vehicles involved in the pursuit were returning to town. The person fleeing the police had been apprehended. The station wagon and the first two police cars drove past Brian, but the last patrol car slowed down and pulled over just in front of him.


“Evening officer” said Brian


“Hey there buddy, are you heading to Pinedale?” the officer asked in an amicable manner.


“Yes officer, I was planning on spending the night.”


“Well get in buddy I’ll give ya a ride!”


Brian had a police record and felt slightly reserved about the idea.


“Are you sure it won’t be too much trouble?” asked Brian.


“No, no trouble at all, besides it’s another five miles into town”


“Oh well that’s very considerate of you officer, thank you”


Brian entered the patrol car and the police officer seemed to have no problem with him sitting in the passenger seat.


The officer removed his hat to scratch his balding scalp and rubbed his goatee.


“God damn, it was hotter than a whore’s breath today. Where ya headed?” asked the officer


“California” said Brian


“I’m Alan Wilder”


“I’m Brian, Brian Williams”


Brian could see the prisoner sitting in the back seat of the car just ahead of them. She appeared to be a young brunette.


“What did that young lady do?” asked Brian


“She murdered her own father, unbelievable how fucked up young folks are these days.” said the deputy.


The cars drove into town and Brian soon noticed that the town’s dusty streets had little to offer. He could see a gas station with a small diner neighboring it, and further down was a motel with a pink neon signboard.


“This motel will be fine, you can drop me off here.” Said Brian


“No buddy, you don’t want to stay in that shithole. There’s a much cheaper place closer to the station where they actually wash the bed sheets, ya know what I mean!”


Brian looked at Wilder with a perturbed expression on his face.


“Okay officer I’ll take your word for it.”


The cars pulled up to the small sheriff’s station. The officers quickly pulled the young woman from the car and escorted her inside.


Brian stepped out of the patrol car.


“Thank you officer Wilder, I’ll be on my way now” said Brian


“What’s your hurry? We’ve got fresh coffee and tacos inside, why don’t you join us.” said Wilder.


“No that’s alright” said Brian “I need to catch up on some much needed sleep so I better get going”


“Ah come on, a good man’s always got time for a quick cup of coffee.” insisted Wilder.


A large, middle-aged man walked over, he was tall with broad shoulders and sported a black handle bar mustache that defined his intense face.


“Oh let me introduce you to Sheriff Payne” said Wilder “Sheriff I’d like you to meet Brian Williams.”


“Hello Sheriff it’s a pleasure to meet you”


The Sheriff smiled as he grasped Brian’s hand with a firm grip.


“Welcome to Pinedale” said Sheriff Payne “Come inside”


The sheriff placed his beefy arm around Brian and led him through the back door and down the first corridor. They walked past two other deputies. One of them was thin with spectacles and the other short and stout.


“Deputy Wilder told me there’s an inexpensive motel around here. Do you know how much they charge Sheriff?” asked Brian.


“I have a better idea” said Sheriff Payne “I think you should spend the night right here.”


Brian looked confused and started to laugh along with Sheriff Payne and Deputy Wilder.


“Right this way” said the Sheriff


He walked Brian into the holding room and forcefully shoved him into one of the holding cells. Brian was baffled by the situation.


“Hey wait a minute!” he shouted.


“Don’t worry we’ve got plenty of room in here asshole.” said the Sheriff. “You’re under arrest!”


Deputy Wilder slammed Brian against the metal bars, grabbed his backpack and started searching him.


“Hey wait a minute! I haven’t done anything!” shouted Brian


“Give me this bum’s wallet and put his bag on my desk with all the other crap” ordered Sheriff Payne.


“But Sheriff I didn’t do anything!” pleaded Brian


The Sheriff pulled out his gun and said “Your ass is gonna stay put in this cell boy”


Brian continued to argue “You can’t do this, I’m completely innocent. I haven’t done a damn thing! Don’t I at least get a fucking phone call!”


The Sheriff and his deputies laughed mockingly at him.


“Who would a piece of shit drifter like you want to call, you don’t even have a fucking driver’s license!” said the Sheriff, amused by his own comments.


As the Sheriff and his deputies walked out of the holding room Brian continued to question their actions. “Sheriff why are you doing this?!” he yelled as the door slammed shut.


Brian frantically looked around the holding room. There were two neighboring cells, only metal bars separating each of them. The attractive young woman the cops had captured was sitting tearfully in the middle of her cell, frightened. In the next cell Brian observed a most disturbing sight. An old man was helplessly chained to the wall facing the corridor and he appeared to be heavily sedated. Brian was rattled, but he had enough instincts to know he was in a deadly predicament.


He tried to communicate with the young woman.


“What the fuck is going on here? What do they want from me? Please say something!”


The woman remained still, tears rolled down her delicate face. She looked at Brian and quietly spoke.


“They murdered my father and they’re going to murder us too. There’s nothing we can do.”


“Why?” asked Brian “why would they do a thing like that, it’s not possible!”


The door of the holding room suddenly opened. The Sheriff and his three deputies were dressed in red robes as they entered. Brian was speechless when they walked passed him and headed toward the old man’s cell. The deputies stood behind Sheriff Payne and Deputy Wilder handed him a long jagged knife.


 “Pastor Harris, I find you guilty” said Sheriff Payne “Guilty of persecution! Guilty of attempting to destroy the authority of the brotherhood, and I sentence you to the ninth circle of hell!”


The old man remained in a confused state of sedation, he could only weep and mumble. Brian and the young woman looked on in terror as Sheriff Payne continued his ritual.


“Father Satan, I call on you from the deepest depths of hell, I worship your name with all my faith. Show this false shaman the meaning of true power! Hail Satan!”


He raised the knife and stabbed the helpless pastor in the chest, the old man’s eyes rolled back in his head. Sheriff Payne then proceeded to slice him across the abdomen, spilling his intestines to the floor. The young woman screamed before she turned her head to vomit. Brian stood in wide-eyed shock and could feel the pulse in his ears vibrating fiercely. Payne and his men unchained the dead pastor, blood dripped along the floor as they carried him out of the holding room. The stench of the spilt intestines was nauseating.


The young woman turned to Brian with convulsive gasps.


“They’re going to kill us next!” she cried


Brian was terror-stricken, breathing heavily from his mouth. Without warning the door swung back open, Deputy Wilder walked into holding room. He was now wearing his police uniform and leaned against the woman’s cell door. He had a bottle of whiskey in one hand and was noticeably unarmed.


“How’d you like the preview bitch?” he asked in a boozy voice. “That piece of shit pastor thought he was real smart thinking he could blow up the Sheriffs station with dynamite. But we caught on to him before his ass could even get here. Just like we caught on to your daddy, it felt real good watching him bleed like a stuck pig.”


The woman gave Deputy Wilder a fixed look of rage. He looked back at her with a perverted glint in his menacing eyes, placed his whiskey bottle on the floor and opened the cell.


“Pull down your pants and take off your panties bitch! I’m gonna give you a little piece of heaven before the Sheriff sends you to hell”


“Leave her alone!” shouted Brian from his cell.


Deputy Wilder pointed at him and shouted “You better shut the fuck up pretty boy! unless you wanna get fucked up the ass!”


The woman begged and pleaded as he grabbed her. She continued to beg him not to do it, but he already had a tight grip on her. In an act of pure desperation she scratched and clawed at his face, damaging the surface of one of his eyes. He let go and held his face in agony, the woman frantically pushed him to the neighboring bars of Brian’s cell. Without hesitation Brian wrapped his arm around Wilder’s neck, cutting off his airflow in a deadly choke hold. Wilder began to lose consciousness and slowly died.


Brian looked over at the woman who was now shaking uncontrollably.


“Quickly grab his keys” said Brian.


The woman removed the holding room keys from Wilders pocket, then walked around to Brian’s cell and unlocked it. They opened the holding room door and looked around, there was no-one inside, but they could hear voices coming from outside the station. Brian peeked through a window and saw the Sheriff standing by a large bonfire with the other two deputies. They were burning the remains of the pastor. Brian grabbed the woman’s arm and sneaked into the Sheriffs office, his backpack was lying on the Sheriff’s desk along with the woman’s car keys and four sticks of strapped dynamite. Brian quickly placed the dynamite into his bag and opened the desk drawer. He found two ammunition shells for a pump action shot gun that was mounted to a rack behind the desk. He grabbed the gun and loaded it.


“Only two rounds…what the fuck!” said Brian “We can make it out of here, but we’re gonna have to run to the car before they catch us.”


“What if they shoot us?” the woman asked


“Well they’re not going to get us without a fight. I can promise you that” said Brian “Are you ready?”


“Yes I’m ready”


“Okay lady, take the keys and when we get inside the car just drive as fast as you can - understand?”


The woman was visibly shaky but nodded her head in agreement.


“Follow me and try to keep up” whispered Brian


They ran out of the station through the back door and quickly reached the car, from the other side of the building the sheriff and his deputies could hear the car doors slam shut and the engine start. The evil cops scampered around the side of the station and saw the station wagon pulling away. The satanic cops climbed into the nearest patrol car and were soon in pursuit, the sirens wailed through the dusty streets as the vehicles whooshed past the edge of town. The woman wrestled with the car’s steering wheel as they veered around a sharp bend. The Sheriff fired his hand gun, shattering the glass of the station wagon’s rear window. Brian slipped into the back seat and forcefully pumped the slide of the shot gun. He aimed out the rear window and fired the first round, but could only blast off the left head light. The patrol car swerved to left slightly and continued after them. Brian pumped the slide again, took aim and fired, this time he managed to blow out the left tire, leaving the satanic cops fighting to control and steer the car onto the road shoulder.


“I Think we stopped them” said the woman


“Only for now” said Brian from the back seat. “I noticed when we took off that the fuel tank is almost empty, we won’t make it much longer than five minutes”


Seven minutes past and the fuel had reached its limit. They had no other choice but to pull the car over. They pushed the car into some deep lying bushes by the road side. Brian grabbed his backpack from the passenger seat and the two unlikely fugitives fled into the dark, wooded hills that surrounded the road. After a ten minute hike they finally saw some lights coming from the trailer park Brian had seen earlier that evening. They needed rest and hid behind one of the trailers to plan their next course of action.

The trailer park was badly run down and the sound of country music merged with the smell of barbeque permeating the air. They could hear an announcement coming from the radio inside the trailer.


“Two suspects have escaped the Pinedale Sheriff’s station. They are armed and considered extremely dangerous.”


Brian shook his head with disdain.


“What’s your name lady?” asked Brian


“Cathy” she replied


“Well Cathy I don’t know what the hell is going on in this crazy town but you better talk to me.”


Cathy took a deep breath and began to talk


“My father was James Clarkson, the assistant district attorney. He always had his suspicions about Sheriff Payne. There were rumors circling for many years that Sheriff Payne’s father was the leader of a satanic cult here in Pinedale. They would mostly sacrifice illegals crossing the border, but also drifters or anyone in town who knew too much or started asking too many questions. After his father died Sheriff Payne inherited the leadership of the cult, and the killings continued.”


“Well apart from your father did anyone else know about this?” asked Brian


“No I don’t think so, my father was secretly collecting evidence to bring Sheriff Payne and his followers to justice, but they killed him before he had a chance to hand it over to the State Police.”


“We need to get to that evidence!” said Brian


“I’m sure he kept the evidence in some files at home” said Cathy


“Cathy is there anyone you know in this town who would believe us?”


“My father’s boss Douglas Brown, he’s the DA but he lives about ten miles from here.”


“What about friends or family, someone who could organize us a car?” asked Brian


“My friend Marie” said Cathy “She lives near here but I can’t be sure if she’d believe us. It’s a very tight community and nobody knows how many cult members there are. She could be one of them. No, it’s too risky. Our best chance is to find the evidence in my father’s house. There’s a pickup truck parked in the garage.”


“Well we need to try something. If we can get that evidence to the DA, I’ll be cleared of murder and so will you.” said Brian


“Do you really think we’ll make it that far?” asked Cathy


“We’ll make it Cathy, believe me. How far is your father’s house from here?”


“About four miles” answered Cathy.


“Four fucking miles?” muttered Brian “We’ll have to be real careful and stay out of sight, but that pickup truck might be our ticket out of here. Come on!”


After a cautious and tiring walk through the back roads, they reached the house a little after 4am. They ducked and hid behind some bushes when they saw a patrol car parked on the driveway.


“Stay calm” said Brian


“I still don’t know your name or anything about you” whispered Cathy


“My name’s Brian and I guess the rest doesn’t really matter does it”


“No, I suppose you’re right” she replied.


Suddenly the front door of the house opened. Sheriff Payne stepped outside with the short, stout deputy by his side. The Sheriff was holding a set of files in his left hand.


“Are those your father’s files?” asked Brian




Brian and Cathy could overhear the conversation between the Sheriff and his deputy.


“Did you take care of everything?” asked the Sheriff


“Yes Sheriff” answered the deputy “We’ve blocked off some of the roads and the phone lines are down, we made sure of that.”


“Well without this evidence they won’t be convincing anyone” said Sheriff Payne “They’re both well and truly fucked now, but I still want those fuckers. I got me a score to settle, let’s go!”


Brian and Cathy peered through the bushes as the patrol car drove down the street and turned out of view. They nervously ran toward the front door.


“How do we get in” asked Brian


Cathy reached into a flower pot by the corner of the door and pulled out a spare set of house keys.


After entering the house they soon noticed that the evil cops had assiduously searched the property, leaving everything in a mess.


“Cathy, where’s the spare keys for the truck?” asked Brian


“In the living room on top of the wall cabinet.” She said


Cathy could see a family photo album lying near the blood stained carpet in her father’s study, almost the exact spot where he was murdered. Tears of sadness flooded her eyes as she flipped through the pages. On the last page there was a brown envelope tucked into one of the photo frames. It contained strips of photo negatives.


Brian ran into the study with the keys in his hands.


“I’ve got the keys let’s get the fuck outta here!”


Cathy remained still and intensely focused on the negatives.


“Cathy come on! We need to hit the fucking road now!”


“Brian, look at this” she mumbled


“Did the Sheriff grab the wrong set of files?” asked Brian


“No, but everything on those files is recorded right here on these negatives. The photos, the documents, all the evidence my father collected is right here.


“That’s perfect” said Brian “Now we can turn the tables on those evil bastards! Come on!”


They ran outside toward the garage, lifted it open and climbed into the pickup truck. Brian slid in the key and twisted it anxiously. The engine started and he momentarily reversed when out of nowhere a police car pulled onto the driveway, blocking their escape. The thin, spectacled deputy aimed his gun at them from behind his patrol car.


“Freeze you motherfuckers! Don’t even think about moving or trying any cute stuff!”


He walked over to the driver’s window and firmly pointed his gun at Brian’s head.


“That wasn’t too smart, returning to the scene of the crime. Now get your hands up before things get real messy.”


Cathy quickly slid the envelope out of view before raising her hands.


“Alright you piece of shit, get the fuck out the truck nice and slow” said the deputy


Cathy and Brian exited the vehicle. The envelope and Brian’s bag were still inside. The deputy noticed both items immediately.


“Now put your hands on top of your heads and keep em there”


The deputy slid clumsily into the truck and grabbed both the bag and the envelope. He opened the envelope to inspect its contents. As he tried to slide his way out, Brian swiftly kicked the door into the deputy’s arm, knocking the gun from his hand. Brian wrestled the deputy to the ground and Cathy grabbed the gun. The two men struggled back and forth until the deputy pulled out a knife and raised it. Cathy aimed the gun at the deputy’ head and shot him dead through the right eye, leaving an odd bullet hole in his spectacles.


Brian stood up as the neighbors stepped out of their houses, alarmed by the gun shot.


“Are you alright?” asked Cathy


“I’m fine, but we have to leave now before they call the sheriff or place us under citizen’s arrest. – Come on!”


They reversed out of the driveway, smashing through a picket fence as they veered around the patrol car.


“I just want this to be over” said Cathy.


“How far is the DA’s house from here?” asked Brian


“It’s about ten miles from this direction” she said


“Is there anything in-between, another town or something?”


“No Arizona is a big place! Just stay west toward Greystone Canyon!” Cathy shouted


 The sun was beginning to rise. Suddenly Brian saw a police car blocking the road ahead. The Sheriff and his stout deputy were staring intensely as the pickup truck came into view. He scowled as he watched Brian make a sharp turn onto a dirt road. The Sheriff was soon gaining on them. Brian stayed focused under the immense pressure. Then he saw it, several hundred yards ahead another route was approaching. There was no alternative now. Either he took the route or the Sheriff would kill them for sure. The Sheriff’s patrol car was alarmingly close. Brian and Cathy heard the high-pitched wailing of its siren. The route was coming up on the right. Brian knew he couldn’t reveal his intensions. He had to wait until the last possible moment to yank the steering wheel to the right. Otherwise, the Sheriff would follow him in.

Just before he reached the turn, Brian twisted the steering wheel around. The truck’s rear tires gripped and at eighty miles an hour, the pickup truck whirled up the route, tires hurling up a cloud of dust. The Sheriff tried to follow the maneuver but lost control of his patrol car which flipped over on one side. Brian caught a glimpse of it in the rearview mirror, turned around and quickly drove back onto the main road heading west. He pressed hard on the accelerator pedal and shot down the highway.

They eventually reached the home of the Douglas Brown. It had just turned 6am. Brown was standing on his porch holding a newspaper as they pulled onto the driveway. Brian and Cathy stepped out of the truck and walked toward him.


“Cathy, what are you doing here?” he asked


“Did you hear what happened?” asked Cathy


Brian interrupted. “The Sheriff and his deputies are trying to kill us in some sort of satanic sacrifice!”


“Please Mr. Brown you’re the only one who can help us” pleaded Cathy


“Cathy I’m a DA, I can only operate within the boundaries of the law, what do you expect me to do for you here?”


“Mr. Brown, would you at least listen to us before dismissing our story. Then you can make a decision and tell us what we should do next” said Brian.


“Fair enough” said Brown “come inside”.


They told their story, and Brown listened very carefully to every word they had to say.


“Cathy your father tried to tell me about what he suspected was going on in the Sheriff’s department and Pinedale in general, and I told him that suspicions simply weren’t enough.”


“You knew what was happening in the Sheriff’s department and you did nothing about it?” Brian retorted.


“Like Cathy’s father, I always suspected, but evidence is what counts. Solid evidence is what I need to take to the State Attorney General.” said Brown.


“My father loathed all that bureaucratic bullshit.” said Cathy “So he started to build a case by himself.”


“James was a damn fine detective and a good man, I’m sorry for your loss Cathy.” said Brown. “Give me the keys to the truck. I’ll hide it round the back while we deal with this.”


Brian handed the keys to him.


“Mr. Brown will you call the Attorney General?” asked Cathy “I just want this nightmare to be over. I have all the evidence you need. My father took photos of everything in those files, I have the negatives.”


“You mean you have all the evidence with you?” Brown inquired “well if that’s the case just hold on to it and I’ll take care of the rest. I’m going to make that call right now”


Brown walked into his office and closed the door while Brian and Cathy sat in the living room.


“Well Brian, I guess it’s almost over” said Cathy.


Brian sighed. “Can I get you another cup of coffee?”


“Yes I’ll go with you” said Cathy


As Brian poured the coffee, Cathy couldn’t help but notice a box on the kitchen floor.


“Brian, look! Those are my father’s files, the same files that Sheriff Payne took from the house.”


Brian and Cathy felt the sudden presence of danger once more. They walked over to Brown’s office and listened in on the conversation taking place.


“They’re right here in my living room Sheriff, get over here right now and kill them.”


Without a second thought Brian and Cathy ran desperately out of the house. Brown saw them running past his window.


“Sheriff get over here now and bring the dogs, they’re running into woods.”


Brian and Cathy ran deeper and deeper into the woods at a panic-stricken pace.


They eventually ran out from the wooded area and under a road tunnel. A highway could be seen in the distance. They could hear the fearsome sound of barking dogs and knew The Sheriff was gaining ground.

They persisted to run as fast as they possibly could, until they were discouraged by the sight of an old wooden bridge that crossed a deep canyon. The bridge didn’t look very sturdy and the wooden boards were in a state of deterioration.


“This isn’t safe we’ll never make it across.” Cried Cathy


“It’s safe enough” said Brian “Just take one gentle step at a time and hold onto the railings.”


Moving cautiously, they managed to cross two thirds of the bridge.


“That’s it Cathy we’re gonna make it”


The wooden boards creaked with each passing foot step. The drop below was an intimidating sight that had them on the edge of their nerves.

  They had almost crossed the bridge when without warning Cathy fell through the wooden boards and held on for dear life. She dangled above the monstrous drop while Sheriff Payne, Douglas Brown and the deputy stepped cautiously onto the bridge. The stout deputy was using a leash to control the dogs.


“Cathy hold on I’ve got you” said Brian “Just grab my arm and pull yourself up”


With a surge of adrenaline, Brian managed to pull Cathy to safety and dragged her across the bridge, but Cathy’s ankle was broken. She continued to stumble forward, until Brian held her back.


“Stop Cathy, don’t try anymore” he said


“What are you saying?” cried Cathy


“Just lie down and stay still…trust me”


Cathy’s mind was confused and overflowed with unpleasant emotions, but she decided to place her trust in Brian.


Their pursuers were now nearing the centre of the bridge.


“Okay Sheriff you win, we’re turning ourselves in!” shouted Brian


The Sheriff inexplicably ordered his men to stand still.


“You’ve caused me a lot of trouble Williams.” said the Sheriff in a loud voice “There’s a part of me that would love to send you to the ninth circle of hell, but I could use a man like you in the brotherhood. You see, you and I are not so different when you think about it boy. We were both put on this earth to do the devil’s work. I checked your record Brian. You’ve been in trouble with the law your whole life. Well fuck the law and join the brotherhood! All you have to do is hand over that little bitch and you’ll be one of us!”


“If you let me live, you can take the bitch and burn the evidence. I’ll pledge my loyalty to the brotherhood and to Satan.” promised Brian.


“Alright boy, so we have a deal, you stay right there and don’t let that little slut go anywhere” said the Sheriff as he continued to step cautiously.


The dogs did not like the wobbling sensation of the bridge and the deputy unleashed them. The German Shepards ran back to the other side, cowering with instinctive fear.


“What are you doing?” whispered Cathy “They’re going to kill us”.


“Don’t worry” said Brian “It’s time to turn the tables.”


Brian reached into his bag and pulled out the dynamite along with his Zippo lighter. The Sheriff and Douglas Brown looked on in disbelief. They anxiously stepped backwards and paused. The stout deputy panicked and tried to run, but his heavy foot steps cracked the wooden boards under his feet. A terrible scream echoed through the canyon as he fell to his death. Douglas Brown grasped at the narrow railing, too frightened to move.


“Sheriff, do something!” cried Brown.


 Sheriff Payne turned in Brian’s direction, overwrought with anger and shouted.


“You dirty rotten son of a bitch! You’re gonna burn in the pits of hell!”


Brian lit the fuse and threw the dynamite to the centre of the bridge.


“I’ll see you when I get there Sheriff!”


The dynamite exploded with an ear shattering bang, the blast killed Sheriff Payne and Douglas Brown instantly. The wooden structure of the bridge collapsed into the canyon and debris showered into the air. Brian used his body to shield Cathy from the falling debris.

As the dust settled Cathy hugged Brian, it was a hug that expressed her relief and gratitude. The nightmare was finally over. Cathy held the envelope of evidence in her hands and knew that justice would triumph over the unspeakable crimes of Sheriff Payne and his sadistic cult.


“What do we do now?” she asked Brian


“Well first, we need to get you to the hospital then we’ll take the evidence to the State Police and explain our story”.


“Where will you go when it’s all over” asked Cathy


Brian thought about it for a moment and laughed “You know something Cathy, that’s a damn good question!”






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