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An article that examines abortion in relation to the law and morality. Should the law take its validity from morality or not.? Should abortion be legalized or not? Find out an honest opinion on this pertinent topic.

Submitted: August 30, 2012

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Submitted: August 30, 2012



Morality and the law



It is categorically stated that the law does not take its validity from morality but that certain laws are made of moral norms and could be changed if the ‘society’ or ‘law makers’ feel so.  This notion explains the intrusion of moral decadence and abominable laws in to most legal systems especially western legal systems. Our societies have lost dignity because laws do not any longer take their validity from morality as it use to.  Certain acts which were nothing but disgusting abominations have become the order of the day. Perpetrators even become heroes in the societies where they belong.  They influence youths who hunger and thirst for frivolities and some emulate these ‘heroes’ just to experiment while others just want attention.  Then there are the so called ‘human right groups’ who defend these principles without the least remorse and say it is the rights of the perpetrators.  Imagine these profit seeking fellows calling themselves ‘human right groups’ defending abominations like Abortion, as a right of the perpetrator. Abortion is just one of them.  Our societies have lost its grip with morality such that morally upright persons are looked at as mentally deranged persons or abnormal human beings. Our societies have gone filthier than the evil that reigned in biblical Sodom and Gomorrah. 

One can not object to the right of the perpetrators of immoral acts which concern only them to do as they please, but demanding that the law which governs the whole society act as their accomplice, and trying make these acts objective is what I consider unacceptable. It will be reasonable if perpetrators of immoral acts do it privately. I will expose my views on this subsequently. The question is; what is the relationship between Morality and the law? Should Morality be like a Grond Norm to the law or should the law have nothing absolutely to do with Morality and be enacted and gain universal objectivity irrespective of what morality says?


I will define Morality with a lay mans definition, so that we can better comprihend the topic in question.

Morality refers to principles concerning the rightness and wrongness or the goodness and badness of behavior.

The law on the other side refers to the rules and regulations set up by the legislative arm of any society, organization or country to govern the behavior of its members and their relationship between each other.






Abortion has been defined as the removal or termination of unwanted pregnancy. One would not dispute the right of an abortion in a situation where the mothers’ life is at risk. Every thing is kept in to question when abortion is not in a bid to save the mothers life.

Perpetrators have wisely defended themselves calling the unborn baby a ‘foetus’ and not a human being. I am going to pose this question; when a woman is pregnant, what is generally expected of her? Is it some strange creature? an Animal? Or a human being?If the answer is a human being, then there is no way which the rights of this human being should not be protected even in the womb. When ever a woman gives birth to anything other than a child, the world considers it as an abnormality.

I do not there fore understand why pro-abortion legislators should take an exception to something so natural in life and make it the rule considering the unborn child as not being a human being. I am invoking the attention of these legislators to the fact that laws are supposed to be objective and universally accepted. I want to let them understand that no mater how many names they invent to make this unborn baby look like it is not a human being, he or she would always be a human being because pregnant women are expected to give birth to human beings and as the rule is ‘you can not give what you do not have’.  As long as these people are human beings they are expected to give birth to human beings and so the right of these children have to be protected beginning from conception.

It is equal to murder approving the killing of these children in the name of abortion through the law. Abortion should only be tolerated only in situations where the life of the mother is at risk. It is a decision that should be taken as a last resort and in tears and not something that should be decided as if it was sour soup that has to be thrown away without remorse. I there fore invoke these legislators to understand that when they enact such laws, they do not only make themselves accomplices of murder, but they also become murderers. The difference between them and murderers behind bars is the fact that they walk in liberty, in suites hiding behind the same laws which they enact and justifying their egoistic decisions with egocentric explications. I consider such legislators as “murderers in suites”. It is there fore of paramount importance that the law takes its roots in this situation from morality. Each time the law walks always from morality, it becomes bad law because morality detects good and bad behavior and if the law does not agree with morality, then it is bad law and should be removed from the legal system.

It is even horrifying to find out that there are abortion clinics taking shelter under the law.  This is funny because the police go around chasing murderers while these clinics are housing real coldblooded murderers who kill defenseless children without remorse. This is a violation of everything international law stands for like norms of ‘Jus Cogens’ that is; imperative norms of the international society which condemn crimes against humanity.

What is baffling, is the fact that many countries, international organizations and non governmental organizations have not yet considered abortion as a crime against humanity or against jus Cogens. Jus Cogens is mentioned in article section 53, and 64 of the Vienna convention 1969 on the laws of treaties. I can not comprehend how a bababaric act like this one would not be considered as crime against humanity.

Any country, organization, or person that approves abortion which does not come as a last resort to save the mother’s life is a cold blooded murderer. Legislators ought to go back in to their various parliaments, congresses, senates, and put an end to this evil.


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