Shattering Affair

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

A young enthusiastic, energetic and experienced business man plunges in to an erotic relationship with the wife of his boss, mentor and benefactor. Will this be his path to glory or a fall from grace to grass? Find out as you read this short, thrilling and teaching work of inspiration.

Shattering affair

It was shocking to know, that I had never met the newly wedded wife of my CEO and boss. He was equally the proprietor of the company where I worked. I had by no means been particularly introduced to her nor immersed in to dialogue about her with the boss and was absent during their wedding. I was busy attending an investment summit in Toronto , Canada . I had only seen her photo on the wedding cards but nothing was alarming about it but for the fact that she looked far younger than he was.

Before I bore you out with this, let me lead you in to an insight of who I am. My name is David Burns and I was the international director of investments of an international giant company called Harisley Productions Company. I guess your next question would be to find out what I am presently. I guess you will be expecting me to say that I am the CEO or the General Director. Dear reader, patience won’t kill you. Allow me to unveil this story in a more comprehensible manner.

At twenty three, I defended my Masters degree in Business Administration in flying colors from a reputable business school which I wont make mention of for now. All I can say is that it was a glamorous day for me and I made a lot of people proud including my parents. What crowned my day was when I was offered a prestigious position in Harisley Productions by the boss and proprietor himself; the great Gerald Harrison Presley. I had previously done internships there and had always dreamt of joining the executive and developing my skills.  Within two years, I was baptized in to the board of directors as the international director of investments with a beautiful pay package and a lot of advantages inclusive of which was a glamorous latest technology service car and a giant mansion.

I will confess to you dear reader, that I am a very hard working person but the secret behind my quick success was because I found favor in front of my CEO and proprietor who was the fuel behind the machinery of this quick rise up success lane in my life. People with greater experience, with greater and more brilliant academic backgrounds than my self had to call me boss. It’s not like they were not assiduous enough to be worthy of promotion. As I earlier told you, I found favor with the boss himself.  The first time he met me was while I was doing internship; he simply liked me and even attended my graduation.

He made me to dine with kings and queens. I robed shoulders with all the names that mattered in the business world to the extent that I my self became a joker and a name, a lot of business men dreamt to meet. At twenty six, I had engulfed success and fame which most people dream and see only after their fifties. I was, as a French man would say; a ‘Roi’ in my generation. Business students quoted me as a role model and my family couldn’t be more proud. I was simply a house built on a hill. I am sure dear reader that by now you must have comprehended with me that I had a great connection and bond with my company’s proprietor; Mr. Gerald Harrison Presley. I simply called him dad or the Boss. He was an outstandingly flourishing business man but did not do same with women. He had divorced seven times, with no child, which leaves room for any one to predict the duration of each of these marriages. Believe me when I say that the collapse of all these marriages has never been his fault but that of the women. His fault has always been the age group where he sorts them. The age difference between him and his wives has always ranged between seventeen and twenty-seven. My boss is currently fifty-six. Every one knows that these women respond to his barn and not to his heart. Most of his divorces have been caused by infidelity from his wives who are caught red-handed with younger men. I guess that he has refused to learn his lesson.

Dear reader that will be enough you will know about the background of my boss and me for now because I want to fly in to business.

Dear reader, I remember telling you that my boss just got married. That was the eighth time he has tied the nut in ten years. Two months after their honey moon from Dubai , I went over to their residence in Manhattan , New York to hypocritically applaud him. The arresting thing about this visit was that his wife kept winking her eye at me furtively.  Doubt not dear reader, when I say that the man has a good taste for beauty. I think that classifiers of the most beautiful and handsome persons on earth should obligatorily seek his opinion before unveiling their lists. His short coming is always the age group; his wife could be rated within my age.

The next day at the head office while I was browsing over certain files with my secretary at the reception, I saw a woman saunter in who took away my breath. The first thing that left my mouth agape was her seductive outfit. She wore a blue blouse that left her breast partially exposed and a shouting white mini skirt which left her bright laps irresistible to long for and was bouncing on white high heel shoes. I guess I paid petite attention to her shoes because my eyes could not stop vibrating in between her laps and breast. She had a beautiful set of teethes and long hair. I looked at her and lusted to the extent that the files in my hands fell unnoticed. She saw how much I erotically wanted her because she gave me a beam and winked her eyes at me. This was a clear green light. It would be partial truth to say that this woman was only seductive, she was extremely beautiful. Dear reader, this was no one else but the newly wedded wife of my boss whom I had taken little notice of when I went to applaud them for their wedding. My secretary noticed how much I had lusted after her that I felt embarrassed and decided to restore a little bit of dignity by pretending that I did not know her.

“Who is she” I asked.

“She is the proprietor’s new wife. I thought that you have a great relationship with him and by now should know. It is even unbelievable that you call him dad. Shame on you for the way you just lusted after her. It will be in your interest not to try to swim with a shark”

“I think it is time we re-concentrate on what we were doing. Private life instills in to you a professionally unacceptable arrogance and insolence”

The next two hours that followed this incident were the most traumatizing and distracting of my life. All I thought of, saw and breadth was the newly wedded wife of my boss. That day I saw my self consistently loosing concentration and drifting in to illusions where I held her in my arms. I wondered why such a tantalizing woman ought to belong to a man I considered as a second father. After battling for a long time within my self, I resolved to banish the idea and manifest some reverence and decorum which every one knows me for.

Dear reader, one thing I have noticed in life is that when you crave for something, you scarcely get it but when you shut your mind to it, like flies after decaying cadaver, it comes seeking you.  When I had at last banished my boss’s wife from my mind, I concentrated on work and you can imagine how perplexed I was when she opened the door into my office and walked in without knocking. I was busy writing and so I did not see her but the aroma of her perfume had been engraved in to my mind. I raised my head up like a man waking up from a dream. She locked the door walked over and sat down. I looked into her eyes and was speechless. She postulated a seductive smile and said nothing, so I decided to break the silence.

“Congratulations madam for your new wedding” she stopped smiling, looked in to my eyes and said

“I like you” I was baffled that I lost words to express my self because I had just banished her from my mind but looking at her in my presence hearing her telling me she liked me, the feelings I had just expelled from my mind became reincarnated. She dropped a card on the table with the number of a hotel and a room number and then said seven pm, Friday. Before I could utter any word, she walked out. As she was walking away, I must tell you dear reader candidly that I wanted to run after her and squeeze her in my arms. I exhausted the rest of that day contemplating on whether to honor her invitation or not. I had just been given what I desired most in the world at that moment but at the same time it was tantamount to swimming with a shark as Estelle my secretary had just said.

Forgive me for this dear reader, I would like to pause here and tell you a little more about Estelle. I believe it will help you comprehend her open insolence when she watched me lusting after another woman. Estelle was this great girl from a Christian home. When she applied to work in the company, I could not resist her beauty so I personally recommended that she be sent to work with me. I made attempts at her and she went to the movies once or twice with me and of course we went for dinner once or twice. When she told me that she did not stand for sex before marriage I thought she was reciting a Sunday sermon her pastor must have made on a Sunday on the pulpit. I actually took her to my house on several occasions and attempted to make love to her but she objected vehemently. I tried to caress her and turn her on but she shut herself and said no. when I asked why, she repeated her keywords in a relationship; total abstinence before marriage. I know she loved me but the standards of morality she demanded were unacceptable to me at the time.  After several futile attempts I ended the relationship and was hoping that some day she would succumb to my desires.  You can now understand how relevant or irrelevant Estelle’s advice could be to me at this very moment. Apart from Estelle, I had never been in a relationship in my life. I use to consider commitments as a synonym to imprisonment.  Dear reader, I have always been head over knees in love with Estelle. Knowing what Estelle means to me, let’s proceed.

The whole of that night I could not sleep. I exhausted every hour of darkness contemplating whether I should fulfill my erotic desires or respect my boss who would even trust me with his life. The whole of that week before Friday, I made a lot of errors in my work and was often daydreaming to the extent that every one around me including my parents who were living with me noticed how much I was maltreating my mind. 

“A problem shared is a problem half solved.” My mom began on Thursday of that week.

“Nothing is wrong mom”

“I know you are concealing something but however, I trust your judgments.”

“How do you mean mom” I asked.

“There is a general rule to solving every problem. It is not being self centered, and thinking about the people around you and the consequences of your actions before you take the next step”

My mom has always been a pain in the ass but what I have discovered today is that she has always presented life to me the way it should be. I am sure you will feel dear reader, that she was some talisman. I pondered over what she had said and resolved that I was going to take her advice. I was going to put my boss in front of my erotic desires.  I instantaneously resolved that I was not going to enter in to this dangerous affair.

On Friday I kept wondering how I was going to inform her that I was not fascinated about the idea of her being adulterous to my boss and worst still with me. I only knew her name after the ugly incident at the office. I went and read it on the wedding invitation cards. Her name was Susan Sinclair. I walked up and down restlessly in my office for the whole day and at five in the evening on that faithful Friday, the same devil who spurred Judas to betray Jesus took absolute preeminence over me. I saw my self speeding on the way to the hotel she had invited me to. I aimed at demanding minimum standards of dignity on her part and reverence for my boss. At five minutes to six, I opened her hotel room door and behold she was standing in the middle of the room with a towel around her waist. She untied the towel and behold what I saw was beyond my strength. She was damned naked. She walked over to me, striped every cloths I had on me while I stood motionless like a log of wood. My erotic excitement was at its apex. Before I could comprehend what was going on, I had fulfilled my erotic desires on the wife of my boss, god father and even benefactor. It was my first time. At first, the experience was strange but she carried me in to the excitement that I took the driving wheel.

 Dear reader, I know that you would be absolutely disappointed, disenchanted and disgusted with what I did. Probably you were considering me as the hero you see in great stories and in life that would be strong enough to say no in situations like this one or probably you will agree with me that it was needless of me to have gone to the hotel. Probably you wanted to see in me a Joseph in front of Potiphar’s wife. Forgive me for allowing my self to be carried away by frivolities. Calm your self and read the end of the story.

When we had finished committing the fornication on my sight and adultery on her side, I dosed of and only woke up two hours later still tired. She was sitting on a sofa in the hotel room and smiling. Guilt and indignity took control of me that I felt that a conversation with her could appease my conscience.

“Why did you marry my boss when you do not love him?”

“He has all the wealth and luxury any wise person would go for.”

“That is so selfish of you.”

“That is strange to hear from some one who has just slept with his wife. Some one he is considering making his heir.”

“How do you know?”

“He spends all of his time talking about you and your successes”

“How old are you” I asked

‘Twenty five”

“You are one year younger than my self and far younger than him. Don’t you think the whole world would know that all you want is his wealth?”

“I believe that he himself knows that. Stop struggling to make me feel guilty because it does not work. I agreed to marry him because I wanted to meet you.”

“You knew me before you married him?”

“I was a business student in the same university you attended and you are our roll model. The first time I saw you on TV, I wanted you so badly that I would have done anything to get to you including marrying him”

“You were not obliged to marry him, all you had to do was to pour out your seductive skills as you just did and capture me, and what so ever we would be doing would be offending nobody but God.”

“I applied to work in his company and on that faithful day, he asked me out. I figured out that if I said no, he might make sure that I never get the job and with all the protocol involved in meeting you, I felt that it might be the end of my ambitions so I had no option and succumbed.”

“I do not see you working either”

“Does the wife of the boss have to work?”

“What makes me feel that you are not using me the way you did with him. I still believe you had a lot of options of meeting with me without marrying him.”

“You were my bus stop and I must confess that you have not disappointed me. What if I said no to him and you too said no to me, I would have been a double looser”

“You must be proud now that you have overpowered me and fulfilled your erotic urge”

“Certainly I am and besides the first time you saw me you liked me so this is a victory for me as well as for you. Talking about erotic urge I do not see it one sided, you just fulfilled yours too and I believe that you will come again next Friday”

“Why Friday”

“I thought you should have known that on Friday, he usually flies to Vegas to play poker.”

True to it I had always known. My boss is always in Las Vegas on Fridays for porker. Immediately after this conversation, we both jumped in to the shower where we concluded another session. I spent the night with her and had to lie to my parents that I was passing the night in the office. At this level patient reader, I am expected to stop but I did not. It happened again and again and again. Believe me I can not count the number of times. I actually thought I was in love with her. I guess you must be wondering at this juncture what my feelings for Estelle was. I considered her as a woman with dignity, a perfect wife, a perfect woman for marriage. Today dear reader I ask my self why it is that unfaithful people do like faithful partners so much, especially virgins. It is absolutely unfair. That is what I would say today not then. Some one who truly loves you would always notice it when your behavior changes. Estelle did not disappoint in this sector. Each time the boss’s wife passed by, the way I would behave made Estelle to notice that I had conquered her. What she could not tell was whether we were actually committing the sacrilege. One faithful day, she bumped into my office.

“I am sure you have eaten the forbidden fruit with her.”

“Lower your tone. You are shouting.”

“David I will shout”

“Call me ‘Sir’ and not ‘David’. You are my secretary do not forget”

“Arrogance will lead you in to the grave David”

Dear reader, I had personally asked her to call me David. There I was trying to restore my professional respect which I had thrown away when I wanted to conquer her.

“What’s your problem?” I continued

“I know you too well David, and I have the impression that you are sleeping with the CEO’s wife.”

“Lower your tone and stop imagining things that do not exist”

“I care about you very much and I would like you to stop it if there is anything going on. Remember that you are swimming with a shark.” Saying this, she walked away and did not come to work for the next two days. I am powerless in front of her and could not do anything to her when she returned. In fact she has always been right. I thought that she was merely jealous and refused to take her advice.

One Friday night, while I and the boss’s wife were busily satisfying our insatiable erotic desires, the hotel door was pushed open with a hard ‘bang’. I turned around and it was the boss himself. Mr. Gerald Harrison Presley. He was accompanied by two muscular bodyguards He caught me pounding his wife ‘live.’ When you are caught red-handed, you just have to plead guilty. Dear reader, I do not want you to ever be in my position but I will leave you to imagine the shame I was going through at this moment. My boss, benefactor and a man who looked at me as a son had just caught me in action with his wife. My head grew large in size and I could not truly carry it. I thank God for my hands for I do not know where I would have kept the head. He ordered two of his guards to pull her away from the bed and then he stared at me in silence for about ten minutes and then walked away. Believe me when I tell you that my boss knows how to punish you without violence. Another man would have done worst in that situation. When he walked away, I knew that I had fallen from grace to grass.

I still do not know how he found out about us, but I believe that our frequency of that hotel room must have raised eyebrows and some one had definitely sold us out. I could not bear myself to go home. The shame was just too much I could not even face my parents who had not even heard the story. Do you know what is disgusting to me today about my altitude then, it is the fact that I was feeling ashamed because I had been caught and not because I was truly sorry? I believe dear reader that it is true of our world today. People are sorry because they are caught and not because they have misbehaved. Dear reader, there is a maxim that ‘the downfall of a man is not the end of his life’ Permit me to invent a new one here. ‘A man who causes his own downfall through selfishness would never be the same again’

Dear reader, I watched my mother weep like a baby when she got the news. The boss informed my parents himself. My dad shook his head in disapproval and said nothing. I was a failed son in their eyes. It felt like they had depleted all of their lives teaching me morals and dignity but I had derailed.  One day, Estelle walked in to my house and slapped me and warned me never to come close to her again. I do not still know who told her because the boss allowed it discrete. Until today, the affair has not reached the office. I think I deserved the slap and I would have wished that the boss himself unleash at least a blow on me, that would have appeased my conscience a bit, but his gentleness in handling the matter gave my brain no chance to rest. The next day I received a letter which said that I had been fired and that I had to quit the premises of the company and abandon its car. The next question a person would have to ask is if I did not save any money with my prestigious position. The answer is in the affirmative. I had actually saved a little. I had a little luxurious yacht which I had bought while on duty. I immediately sold it because I knew that there were rough days ahead. I rented a smaller apartment and we had to move out of the company’s mansion.

Great reader, I believe that at this level you must hope that with my position experience and fame, I was going to get another prestigious position in the twinkle of an eye. I applied to work in seven giant companies and each of them showed enthusiasm to employ me but in the last hours, all I heard was that the position had been deleted. Dear reader, I think Mr. Gerard Harrison Presley had a hand in this. It is not normal that companies badly want me and when I show up during the last minutes, the position is deleted. This man is strong and connected. He does nothing but connect with his rivals and partners. After seven applications, I have resolved to seek the smaller companies. In fact I want to apply in a company where the present CEO called me ‘Sir James’ the first time we met at a cocktail and asked for my autograph. That would only be possible if the position does not get deleted. I believe Mr. Gerald Harrison Presley wants to illustrate to me the real meaning of the word ‘frustration’. ‘Humility’ they say ‘comes with failure’. I would never have thought in a million years that I would work for any small company.

Dear reader, have I commented on the fact that I was a strong candidate to inherit Harisley Productions Company. Well you can see what emotions can lead one to when not kept under control. Dear reader, permit me to state another rule here.’

‘Every one is the boss of his feelings no mater how strong they are’

All it takes you is to set your mind to control your feelings and determine to do it. Decide not to process what so ever is tempting in your mind. I learnt this lesson from Estelle but I did not practice it until my downfall and believe me when I say that it is workable. Talking about Estelle dear reader, do you think she would ever pardon me? Today I am an altered person and crave for her forgiveness and I really want to win her love but since the incidence, she does not fancy seeing me. Who can blame her? I think I am learning through the hard way.

  Dear reader, I contemplated that I was going to be the author of the divorce of Mr. Gerald Harrison Presley but it did not happen. I saw her walking hand in hand with him at a business reunion. He must have forgiven her. She is cunning and seductive enough to win his forgiveness. She has made uncountable invitations for me to meet her at a secret location, but as I said I am changed and even if the erotic urge to meet her use to be strong, I have kept it under control because I am the boss over my feelings. I have refused to honor any of her invitations. They say that ‘It is never too late to change’ I know you must be wondering what I was doing at a business reunion. I love and adore business. I would never miss any summit or reunion. I am an acceptable name in business circles even if I am quickly loosing respect. I just have to wait and see what future awaits me in these circles. I actually went there to connect with the dons of the industry.

 Dear reader, most people who fall from grace to grass do usually go penniless. It was not the case with me but I want you to understand the gravity of what I lost in the twinkle of an eye. My mother and father cast a no confidence vote against me. I lost a position in a company which a man would even swear an oath of chastity just to keep, my eminent possibilities of becoming the boss and proprietor of this great company flushed away; finally the only woman who has ever loved and understood me in life can not stand my presence. Dear reader I watched one of my junior colleagues mount the podium and exploded the stage at a conference where I attended. Before I was fired, the Board of directors had appointed me to make this exposé; he must have been the one who took over my position. I am telling you this because I felt the pain run through my body and strongly despised my self for what I had done. As I told you I am geared up to begin from zero because the petite cash I have left would soon vanish. Forgive me dear reader, but I will overstate this; you can control your emotions and feelings no matter how strong they seem. All you need to do is set your mind to do it. I am practicing it today after an unpredictable and miscalculated downfall. I leant through the hard way and would not hope that you have to learn too in life through the hard way. Learn from my story. Besides dear reader, God can help you plan your life in love and dignity. He is doing it to me today. He exists and truly works in peoples lives, it suffices that you believe. Commit to memory the overall rule;

‘Before you take any decision, reflect on its impact on you and the people who encircle you and do not tolerate your ego to spur you to take decisions that would end up in ruin not just for you, but for all around you.

Dear reader, if you did not learn anything new from this story, then I would like you to use it to remember something you already know and keep applying it in your life, for living a moral and virtues life is precondition for our happy co-existence here on earth.


The end


Submitted: September 26, 2010

© Copyright 2020 markzin1. All rights reserved.

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