Take Out

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A short lesson in life

Submitted: December 14, 2018

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Submitted: December 14, 2018




28, married to James for 5 years no children.she being the dominant partner, James jumped  to her every demand.  School teacher teaching  young children so used to being obeyed.


Very plain looking and despite spending a fortune on her clothes, never really looked good.  Loved to spend money on herself and very little on her home.  Didn't want to be at home would rather be out preferably with friends, rather than with James.  Didn't drive but loved cars, especially fast shiny new ones.  Enjoyed music  but preferred to be backstage rather than onstage. Liked the power of being in charge.




32 married to Kerry for 5 years, no children, through choice.  Was a bit of a doormat and loved to please Kerry who enjoyed dominating him.  Would do anything for her and was always at her beck and call.  Worked as a carer  so did long hours for not much pay.  She enjoyed the power she had over him with money.  Everything was split down the middle as far as expenses went.  Drove her around anywhere she wanted to go but often got sidelined if there was someone going the same place with a smart car.




39, married to Greg for 18 years.  Had 2 children, boy and girl.  Was a part time library assistant and was a volunteer for Help The Aged.  Had an active family life and enjoyed going out and about with her family.  Fun loving and a terrible flirt.  Loved being centre of attention.  Was a bit intimidated by Greg, even though she adored him and would move heaven and earth for him.




40, married to Gina for 18 years.  Had a powerful  job as a company director but was a bit of a workaholic.  Often away on business and other times entertaining clients in the evenings.Loved his family and made time for them at the weekends and also holidays. Had always been interested in drama and had directed several productions throughout his life.  Liked the good things in life and always had a smart company car which he enjoyed.




Lisel had just been to the local Christmas concert  with her children.  It was an annual treat they all looked forward to.  It was a chilly January evening, the type best spent in front of a roaring fire.  As she drove home the children were getting really excited in the back of the car at the thought of the takeout she had promised them.  Fish and chips in front of the t.v. with a big bottle of coke and Ben and Jerry's for dessert - bliss!!


She parked the car near the takeaway and everyone gave their orders from the back seat.  There was Ben, 12 and Polly 8, who were her own children and her nephew Paul, 11 who always came with them to the pantomime and came back to sleepover.  Lisel opened the back door for Polly and left the boys laughing about the concert  while she went and joined the long queue.


A couple about halfway down the queue caught her eye  as he was shielding her from the wind, which she thought was really caring.  They were giggling like schoolkids and when a phone started to ring she realised it was the man's phone as he pulled it out of his pocket, looked at it then showed it to his partner before putting it back.  He made a motion which seemed to Lisel he had turned it off, then they huddled back into each other.  They were nearly near the front of the queue now and he gave the assistant a written list then moved aside to wait for their order.  As they turned aside Polly nudged Lisel and whispered "Mummy that is Mrs Thomas, she is one of Ben's teachers".  I looked quickly and thought, yes, I know who she is but that isn't Mr Thomas. She knew Mr Thomas as he played hockey with her brother, Ben's dad.


Mrs Thomas and her partner moved away from the counter and she could see they were whispering to each other as they gazed at each other like a pair of lovestruck teenagers - yuk!  She watched as they collected their order and moved out of the shop.  She heard an elderly lady behind her in the queue say to her companion.

 "Don't they make a lovely couple, and so talented.  They directed the concert you know and give up so much of their own time every year."

"Is that his wife then, as I thought she worked in the library and was taller than that"

"Well, I think so but  now you come to mention it."

Lisel, giggled to herself.  When will people realise that when you are up to no good, no good will come of it.  You can bet your bottom dollar that this little incident will be all around the village like wildfire.


Lisel collected her order at last from the counter and started to make her way to the door.

She crossed the road to her car and noticed a gleaming black BMW parked two cars behind her.  It was parked right under the streetlight and as it was slowly getting dark she could see a couple in a clinch through the front window.  The next moment she could hear someone laughing at the door to the takeaway. 


"Signal in the village is dreadful isn't it?  I have been phoning my husband for ages to ask him to get an extra fish and chips,  as his friend's husband has just turned up and he didn't realise we were having a takeout.  She had sent him to get beer from the supermarket.  Haven't seen them have you,  as they have been gone ages?"


As she opened the door to the car to let Polly back in she glanced across the road to see the village gossip with her mouth wide open in horror as she saw the BMW under the streetlight.


"Sorry dear, did see them earlier but thought they had left"


"Oh well, I will just pop in and get James some tea, I have probably missed them and they are on the way back home."


As she walked into the shop, the BMW started up his engine and moved off.




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