Just Days

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A piece from an afternoon of reminiscing

Submitted: September 14, 2012

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Submitted: September 14, 2012



Monday was everything to me 
I didn’t need to know the time 
Cause everyday would be Monday for me 
He offered everything 
Till his everything was nothing 
And I needed more
Maybe if he had more time 
But time had changed 
Monday was no more 
And another day had begun

Tuesday he took me by storm. 
Took me and I was addicted 
Addicted to the minutes 
And hours that brought waves of pleasure
And pain in the same instance
Was I used in such a short time?
Over and over I ask my self 
And never really knowing 
Confused now and wishing it was still Monday
Wanting to turn back time and can’t 

Wednesday was handsome 
And I got swept up in him
Like a dry leaf in the wind 
Wanted him, needed him 
Until he spoke, 
Verbal shit, diarrhea to be exact 
And I didn’t have the time 
Nor did he for the gift that Monday gave me
Until time gave him one of his own 
And he saw that his day was slipping away 
Turning to Thursday 
Now he pleads for time he took for granted

Thursday was gorgeous 
As sexy as they could come 
But he had time over me 
Not just days or months But years. 
And time captured in 5 precious slots to prove it. 
Plus a lighter area on his left hand 
Where the band he should be rocking was missing from.
Thursday taught me to keep my eyes open 
Love can only blind you if you let it. 

Friday he was my cutie pie 
And he always will be 
He showed me 
The importance of time 
Time to grow, learn, live 
Time really flies when you’re having fun 
Just like that Friday was over.

Saturday’s just begun 
And he’s new to me 
And fun, and nice
And so similar to me it’s weird 
I wanna keep exploring this day 
But times yet to show me whether 
It’s bad or good 

Now am in transition 
Between Saturday and Sunday 
Cause Sunday was the day I never got to experience 
Filled with butterflies that I never got to follow 
Never got to see where they lead 
I wanna know 
But am stuck on Saturday 
Not quite ready to go 
But I guess time will tell 
Which day I should hold on to 
Maybe it’ll be none cause they still are 
Just days
I still got months and years to experience.

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