Technochip accident

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This is a story of an "Azurian" lost on earth, it's just a fictional story

doesn't resemble any character or is not even based on a real-life incident

read on and enjoy>>>>

Submitted: March 15, 2016

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Submitted: March 15, 2016



It all started out in the year 1998 when a shooting star destroyed the planet Azure.

Tom was on his way from the outer space after his great invention "Technochip", on his way he lost command of his transmitter and fell losing the chip and his senses.

The shooting star finally settled crashing a huge expanse of the highway in Mumbai.

Among the victim, a girl named Kristine (5) survived without a single scratch, it was a mystery, terrorized by this she lost her senses.

Tom found himself in an unfamiliar surrounding all alone.

He tried to transport, but failed, hence decided to explore.

At the outset of the forest was a cottage, there lived an old couple.
It was Inn, where few travelers stayed.

The couple was warmhearted and they were childless, they provided Tom with shelter, he learned the place was named as Mumbai, the climate was suitable for him while it was too cold for humans.

The people of Azure were similar to humans except for their IQ level was double and they aged slowly, Tom could grasp everything quickly the old couple taught him everything possible for survival, he worked to pay back for their kindness, they were like a family to him.

Several times he tested to transmit to his planet, but failed, later he realized that Azure was no more when he came across a pile of old newspapers covered in dust on the cover page of the first paper was written: "MASSIVE EXPLOSION BY A SHOOTING STAR DAMAGED THE HIGHWAY IN MUMBAI".

He analyzed the report and was saddened when he came across a sentence "Large mysterious colored metal scattered around the affected area,he could identify it to be the broken land of his planet.

All these years the hope of returning back one day kept him alive but today he lost it.

When the old couple died, he lost his family once again, day by day he grew weaker, its been 20 years since he came on earth.

He ran the cottage all by himself, with very few visitors.

He was lonely and bored he had no one to share his feeling with, but one day he found a friend who changed his world.

He met Kristine the survivor of the explosion, she grew up with her grandparents, she turned a successful writer and her books were among the best selling and was recognized by the world as a "mysterious survivor".

While exploring the woods along with her co-workers she met Tom, who invited her to stay over at the Inn.

Destiny had a beautiful story written, she was none other than the girl with "technochip" implanted in her bellybutton, which was not visible to the naked eyes of humans but Tom could see it.

The chip protected Kristina to survive the explosion, it acted as a barrier, it flew when Tom lost his mastery and got it through Kristine before the accident.

Both fell for each other, they settled themselves in the cottage and got old together just like the old couple the only difference was they had kids.
During their lifetime, Tom narrated his story while the idea of writing it shot kristine's brain and she called it "technochip accident".

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