It's a girl

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A baby's thoughs before in and after birth
to my niece am waiting for you, we are waiting for you to come, we love already.

Submitted: May 27, 2010

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Submitted: May 27, 2010



I was once living as a liquid form in a bottle.
It was a small world but I grew into loving it.
I tried my best to relax and enjoy myself, the place was wonderful, the noises came from far and the light was dim.
I was the king in a land of no bottom; my world was upside down with no sign of rest.
I didn’t feel much, just some hunger and thirst; my needs were fully provided anyhow.
I discovered my inner self quickly and I wanted to explore more.
I extended my view within my reach and kicked life itself. I was growing up fast, I could touch reality now.
This life must have some other meaning. I punched hope with my fist.
… Then it happened a response came after a long period of awaiting. I was scared, I tried to grab on but the edges of my world were falling, pushing me in and squeezing me.
Help! Am suffocating help! I’m scared.
I shouted loud and clear with fear as I was drown and pulled into gigantic hand by my head.
“It burns! Stop it!
But no! it helps, it’s good! Don’t stop it!
 No I changed my mind!
I can’t see!
Don’t shout!
What are these noises?
I don’t understand!
Mmmm… that’s smell, that taste, it’s relaxing, good, it’s good!”
- Hi world, is this you?
Where am I?
Who am I?
Why am I?
The journey of 78 years has just begun and I can’t wait to sleep…

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It's a girl

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