being with your best friend at the end

+I sit on sand made of gold I think to myself "This is a good place to grow old" I sip on my vodka soda with two limes I think to myself of all the good times Friends and parties and dancing all night Laughing as we spill out of the bar At dawn's early light Friends that have come and gone But will always be laughing in my mind Is it time? Is this what it's like at the end Running through every party, every laugh, every friend? No.. This is just the  half way point Sitting on This beach, this drink in my hand My toes buried in the warm sand And then there's you Standing in my view Smiling that smile that says it all You sit down next to me Wrapping my shoulders with my favorite shawl We don't have to say a word We might have said everything we could say But the silence isn't awkward We wouldn't have it any other way You drinking your old fashioned Me with my vodka soda with two limes It would be okay if it was my time I'd be at the end With you, in this sand, on this beach With my true love and best friend...

Submitted: April 19, 2016

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