Little Black Book

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
Dr Terry Jones an independent, black, African American woman, is always so focused on her career and becoming a success, that she forgets about her love life.

The same way men have a little black book filled of women, terry has her little black book of erotic desires.

Just how deep that she fill the papes of her little black book..

(This is only a short story but considering to continue it)

Submitted: November 30, 2015

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Submitted: November 30, 2015



Chapter 1

Name: Jonathan Darrells
Age: 28
Occupation: Lawyer

Oh yes, I remember him! Such a fine black brother, always well suited with a fresh trim. Never a crease or a shirt out of line. 6'2, athletic body shape, Perfect teeth, perfect smile and oh let me not forgot about that mouth of his. Ooo that did many wonders to my soul. Made me ooo and Ahh. Uh mm Mm mm. A good looking, successful black man. He could send me to his jail any day, I wouldn't mind. 

I remember the first day we met, so smooth and slick. He ran up on me like a dog ran after a bone. 5 years ago in Slayers nightclub, I remember it like it was yesterday. 

5 years ago:

I sat at the bar sipping on my apple martini winding my waist to the smooth sound of Donell jones. My little, black, lace dress hugged against my skin, wasn't afraid to ripple out every curve on me. Just a little bit of cleavage and not too long but not to short just above my knees. I waited for La'rina, this girl was always late and she always had some excuse to why she was late. La'rina was my girl from college the first friend I made, after I moved away from home. This girl came up to me in the bathroom and started running her skinny fingers through my hair and said, 
"Girl look at that hair! Is it weave? Damn got some good ass hair for a sister."
I stepped back enough so her hands would remove itself from my hair and stared at her, thinking this girl was crazy. I remember she had on this black lace wig, that did not sit on her head right. She wore a red and black checkered, pleated skirt and a black crop top with a pair of black, open toe stiletto heels, this girl could run in 10 inch heels to save her life! Let me not forget her little fake Gucci clutch bag she always carried around, this girl never carried a book in her life, especially not to school. Haha this girl was lucky I saved her wannabe prestige ghetto ass, she would have still been strutting around with her loud mouth, fake designer, skinny, black ass self. I’m telling you, I don't know what this girl would have done without me. 

Talk about the devil, look who decides to walk in 20 minuets late. Swinging her hips from left to right, all eyes were on her. Well that ass of hers! Good looking to fucking ugly waited at the bar for a woman to pounce on. To bring home each night and attempt to deflower with compliments and maybe one or two drinks. 
"Oo baby, look at that ass.”
"Come here girl, come give daddy some sugar,”  they said eagerly, as they rubbed their crotches with lust in their eyes. 
"Heyyy girl,” I eagerly got up and hugged her tight. Damn I hadn't seen this girl in years but I had so much to catch up on I just couldn't wait. 
"Hey boo, where have you been? Damn girl you just gone up and disappeared,” she said as she sat at the bar next to me. 
I kissed my teeth, 
"You know I haven't been anywhere, just doing me, getting my business sorted."
"Uh huh, but you gotta give a girl some love!"
"Mmm,” I said smirking and hugged her from the side. "Oh and don't think I have let you off! Your forever late Rina!” I said, whilst nudging her and laughing.
She stood up and twirled waving her hands over her curvy size 10 body and said, 
"Girl, I can't be fine and be on time!"
I laughed to myself. This girl always had something to say to why her looks deter her time management. She said she was off to the ladies room to freshen up, this girl freshens up every five minutes. I ordered another apple martini, this was number three by the time I would hit five I may need a carrier. I was always a light weight, damn wouldn't take more than one drink to long to get me all woos and giggles. I sat there slowly sipping my drink, people watching from the corner of my eye. I felt a light tap on my shoulder, I jilted and turned around to face a light skinned, nappy headed brother, he wore an old fashioned 80's checkered brown suit and brown Clarks. He was saying something to me but my mind was far away, the only thing I could focus 

on was his brown ass teeth that seemed to keep being my point of view. His front teeth has chipped in half. Damn nobody tell this man about the dentist. 
"Come arnn girl, you fine and I'm fine you gon gimme yo number," he said as he placed his hand on my exposed knee. 
"Take yo dirty hand off of me," I brushed his hand off of my knee, these guys always trying above their level. Damn, a girl gotta go all ratchet and stoosh on them now.  
"Excuse me, is this man bothering you?" 
"Yes he his,” I turned around to see who this man was, who had come to my rescue. 
Tall, dark, dark brown eyes, succulent lips, short faded black hair. He was around 6'2, he wore a grey shirt tight enough to expose every inch of muscle on his body and black trousers, tight enough to give a glimpse of what he had to offer. I turned my eyes back to his, his mouth was moving but I felt stuck, I wasn't able to move my eyes or my body. I started to feel hot and my nipples were erecting, unfortunately my dress didn't allow a bra so I just hoped it wasn't visible. 
Before I knew it the nappy headed brother was walking away, his face all screwed up but still this piece of chocolate was standing in front of me, still mouthing something. 
"What is your..."
That's all I heard for the next 20 seconds. Or maybe 20 minuets. God knows. 
"What is your name?,” he said. 
"Huh.. Oh oh. I'm sorry," I said flustered. "I'm Terry, Terry Jones," I shook his hand. 
"It's nice to meet you Ms Jones, I'm Johnathon Darrels." He pulled my hand towards his mouth and kissed the back of it. At that moment, I swear I may have passed out but composure and sophistication was needed. No way was this man going to know he bothered me in many ways, not yet anyway. 
“So what do you do Ms Jones?”
“I am a.. a doctor.”
His expression told me he was impressed. 
“So you’re a doctor. You must be a very busy woman, saving lives.” He said as he placed his arm on top of the bar counter. His gold cuffling that was pinned to his suit diverted my attention. It was a cross, maybe he was a church goer. 
“Haha. Well I'm a therapist doctor.” I said and diverted my attention to my apple martini. 
“So you’re a therapist and you look so young. Coot-ohs to you.” He said whilst he clapped his hands together.
“I'm 29 if you must know.” I said smiling to myself as I took another sip of my drink.
“Oh, you must have worked real hard and damn you beat me by one year!” He scrunched up his face like a child would when they lost a game. I laughed to myself and shook my head. 

The club started to become crowded and full with loveless affairs, experimental couples looking for a third participant, the thirsty and the loveless walkers. 
“I'm gonna make you beg for it, beg for it. I’ll give you what you need only if you say please”
The soft sensual voice of Chris brown filled each corner of the room, creating more than individual affairs. As each sex song played, 
“All you gotta do is say yes. Don't deny what you feel let me undress you baby” 
The soft words of floetry, changed the aroma to an erotic, mesmerising orgy. I even felt like I was apart of this sexual escapade. 

Jonathan and I continued to talk, about his child hood, his views on the political system, his taste in food. Everything he said was like he was making love to me intellectually. 
“Oh lord, forgive me! I need prayer before my wings turn black!” I thought as I sweated in between my thigh. 
My phone vibrated, it was a text from Rina telling me she had found herself a bedtime snack and that she would call me tomorrow. 

“Husband?” Jonathan said looking at my phone in my hand. 
“Oh no. It was my girlfriend, she has decided to go home early and no husband.” I said and showed him my left hand so he could see there was no ring. “I think I'm gonna be heading back home now, but it was lovely to meet you.” I gave out my hand and tried to compose my nerves but horny self. I had never had a one night stand, my mother always taught me that sex was for marriage. Maybe one guilty sin won't hurt. 
He took hold of my hand and kissed it. 
“How about I walk you out, I can't let a pretty woman leave in the midst of the night on her own.”
“Oh I'm fine really, I don't live far and I will be catching a taxi.” But he insisted to take me home and held my hand as we walked amongst the crowds towards the exit. Men stared, women stared. It was as if they all knew the dirty deed that I wanted to do. We entered level 4 of the clubs car park. I wondered what sort of car Jonathan owned, you could tell a lot about a man and what sort of wheel he sits behind. BMW’s of course involves a stuck up brother who thinks he has Gods gift lolly package.  
White Land Rover LR4, crisp was not even the word to describe this $60,000 truck! A sharp man like him with a truck intrigued me, a lawyer who has a nature loving, sporty alternate ego. Oh and let me not forget powerful and versatile! This 3litre, generating 336 horsepower, reaching 60mph in 7.7 seconds, ooo do I love a fast ride! 
“I didn't take you for a truck man,” I said as I got in whilst he held the door open. 
“I didn't take you for a car girl,” He said smirking, whilst he shut my side of the door. 
We buckled up and I put my address into his sat nav.
“So mystery man, what else are you hiding?” I said whilst we waited at a red light. 
He turned to face me, 
“Is it not a fact that we all want what we can't have? Or go for what we know isn't good for us?” He raised his eyebrow at me, just as I would in a therapy session. 
That got me a bit. I suppose it's true we all have a guilty pleasure, something we do behind closed doors. 
“So where did you grow up?” I asked, trying to shift the subject. 
“I am originally from London. I moved here when I was 18.”
“Oh, really! Wow. No wonder your accent isn't a top notch New Yorker!” I said laughing. 
“Humph. You think you got jokes! I can drop the Londoner on yo ass you know.”
“Haha. I bet you can. You all talk like this “hello deary, may I have a cuppa and some.. Some,” I couldn't finished my sentence, Jonathan was holding on to his wheel for dear life as tears ran down his face. His laugh was hysterical, which just made my stomach twist even more. We both sat there crying our eyes out, holding on to our stomachs to smother the aching laugh. I opened my gold channel clutch bag and took out a pack of ruffles scented lavender tissues and offered Jonathan one. 
“Oh thank you darling, don't mind if I do.” He said in an attempted, British accent and moved his face towards me. 
I laughed to myself and took a tissue out and dabbed his tears away. 
“There you go sir.” He smiled at me. 

We finally arrived at my apartment. 
“Well thank you for taking me home,” I said ruffling around in my bag for my keys. 
“My pleasure.” 
I finally found my keys but before I could turn towards my door his hand was on my waist. He turned me to face him. His 6’2 stature, chocolate skin, dark brown eyes, full shaped lips. Everything was in its perfect place. He pulled me into him, lifting my chin so I would be looking at him. 
“Close your eyes,” he whispered. His ordering turned me on, in a way it wouldn't have before. I done as I was told. 
My breathing thickened as I waited for him to kiss me, my hearted quickened, my nipples erected. It felt like a thousands seconds went by waiting for him, I opened my eyes and raised my hand to his face, he brushed my hand away and told me to wait. 
“Close your eyes.”
I done as I was told again. 
He pressed his lips onto mine, they were so warm, full. He kissed me again for a brief second and slid his tongue inside my mouth. Mm. It was like he knew his way around, like he had been there before. He moved slow, creating circles and squares with his tongue. I didn't move, I couldn't breath. I stopped breathing as he sucked my tongue, my eyes closed shut ,hands tightened into fists.
“Uhhh.. Mmm.” I moaned. I gripped his shirt digging my fingers into his back. As we played tongue war in my drive. “Uh uh.. Ahh. Ah duh.. Duh.. Do you waa..want to go uh.. Uh up?” 
“Shh.” He ordered. He moved down to my neck and kissed me gently, he flowered me with soft kisses on my neck then to my shoulder. He followed down my arm trailing invisible kisses and pulled my hand towards his mouth and kissed my hand. He began to suck my finger, slowly, he stared at me whilst my small fingers was in his mouth, disappearing every second. He grazed my finger with his teeth, I moaned. It didn't hurt but the pain was sensual and extremely sexual. He never took his eyes off of me, I opened and closed my  eyes and he was still staring, sucking my finger, one at a time and then two.. Then three.. Four until there were no more fingers left. He took off my coat and started to undress me, I froze. 
“Uh.. Wait are we going to be out here?”
“Be wild with me doctor.” He carried on undressing me. 
My coat and my dress were on the floor, I was left in my black, lace, Victoria secret lingerie and open toe black stilettos. I stood there still, the wind hitting my skin giving me goose bumps. I stared up at him, he stared back at me. His eyes travelled to every part of my body, my hardened nipples and my throbbing pussy. He stared at it, his final destination. His bent down and kissed the top of my breast, one by one. He travelled down my stomach and tugged onto my navel ring, I shivered, goose bumps all over and my body hair electrified. I could feel his breath on my pussy, my panties protecting anything that could happened. He kissed it. He could see everything but couldn't touch. I quivered as I could feel the tip of his tongue rub against my clit through the lace. 
He started to suck the lace, he sucked harder trying to get through it until he was close enough, then he bit me. 

My panties were no longer on but at my ankles, still in his mouth. I gestured to take them off as I moved my feet but he shook his head and wouldn't let go like a dog with a bone. He let my panties drop and began to kiss my toes that were exposed in my heels. He kissed every toe he could until my panties were off. Still on his knees and fully clothed he looked back up at me, eyes full of lust. Soft, wet kisses trailed up my legs, up my thighs until he was facing my kitty Kat. 
“Can I?” He whispered, breathing on me. 
“Uh mm,” I said whilst I held his head close to me. 
He kissed my kitty cat whilst he held on to my ass. He moved his kisses to my clit and began to flick with the tip of his tongue, sending electric signals through me. He carried on and fastened his pace as I moaned to each flick. He pushed me against the wall and pulled my legs over his shoulders. He entered me with his tongue, it felt so big and long, but soft and smooth against my inside walls. I pulled his head closer into me as he licked in and out. Each stroke being deeper than the last. He quickened his pace and I moaned louder. 
“Lord, I hope the neighbours don't wake up,” I whispered to myself. “Ah Johnathon, ahh.”
“What's my name?” He said as he pulled away from me and looked up. I looked down in agony at him. His mouth wet, smothered with my pre juices all over his lips like he just drank milk. 
“What's my name?” He said again, kneeled on the floor of my drive. 
“Uh uh.. Jon..Jonathan.”
"It is Sir to you!”
I stared down at him, silent. He stared back at me, with an expression that told me he was waiting for me. 
I jumped in shock as I felt a sharp pain run through my nerves. I looked down when the pain ran from, he had my clit sandwiched in between his teeth. 
“Oweee! That hurts.” I tried to push his head off of me me but he wouldn't let go.
“Call me sir!” He demanded as he held on to my clit. 
“Ahh. Fine!” I moaned in pain! “Sir! Sir Jona.. Ahh.” I couldn't finish my sentence, he started sucking me again. I never knew how much pleasure pain brought. Ewww. He was back at it again, eating like he was a starved animal.

I don't know how much time had gone by, but the cool breeze and the half lit street lights said it all. I moaned all the way through, whilst this man had his head smothered in-between my legs. You would call this oral but he was tongue fucking me! Ooo this boy had his pussy to mouth game on point!
“One..two...three,” I counted every orgasm. 
“Ten..Nine..twenty.. Ahh. Fa..fa.. Fourr.” I lost count as he sucked and sucked my juices from me. 
I arched my back and tilted my head back, my body flushed hot and cold as I orgasmed again and again and the breeze circled me. I ran my hands through my hair and looked down at him in awe, a stranger.. with my pussy in his mouth. 

Chapter 2 

5 years later: (present time)
“After that sexual experience, my addiction became more apparent. Jonathan and I met more often and had sex more often. It because my daily drug, my daily exercise and if I didn't get it I would demand it from my toy box. Jonathan and I went on for a few months until he started to become complacent and the sex because shit. After him, there were a few more.. Sometimes three or four different guys a week. That's when Louise Davis was created. The sexual adrenaline rush succumbed me, the more men there were the more it turned me on. My little black book was only there as a back up if I had to use left overs.”
“And this is when Louise was born?” She asked.  
“Yes. Louise became apart of me. The alter ego of me.”
“And how do you feel about Louise now? Is she still apart of you? Do you still use the book?” She asked me, still taking notes on the paper. 
“ I can't get rid of her. She is me! During the day I can be Terry! I can do my job, see friends and go home to my husband. But at night, on the weekends, in between breaks and any time I have.. I need that book. I become the woman of every guys fantasy, I am that woman who waits at the bar on a Saturday night. I am that stripper who undresses for a passion. I become Louise. I become a liar.” I said, lying on the sofa staring at the white ceiling. “My alter ego became me.”
“How do you feel about lying to your husband?”
“It pains me to lie to him. I met him at church, when I tried to get back on the right path. He swept me right off of my feet but he never really ever knew the real me. He just ended up becoming a floating name, I Terry could never do that to him but Louise maybe.”
 “And who are you now? Terry or Louise?” The therapist asked. 
I turned my head towards her, her facial expression neutral. She always managed to keep a straight face whenever I came to her, but I knew how she really felt. I do this for a living too. I turned my head back towards the ceiling. 
“Im the stranger.”




© Copyright 2020 Marniirj. All rights reserved.

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