The Guardian's

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Erika born during the viking age, near the village now known as Selfoss, is only the second female to become and shape shifter and the first female pure blood shape shifter to born in her village.
Her brother Haldor, becomes the first male. Unlike the average shape shifter, Erika and Haldor hold unique talents. Some of which they have yet to discover.
Erika and Haldor belong to the village protectors. They are Known by the people as the 'Guardian's'.
Erika becomes the leader of her people when her parents are murdered by vampires that mistaken some of their people for werewolves. Following her fathers last command, Erika and her brother gather the remaining Guardians and the people of their village that wish to leave and set sail for a distant land, a new home where their people can thrive and search for others like them.

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Submitted: September 29, 2010

Erika born to the leader of their people, married to the only female shifter, fights to keep her brother alive against a group of barbarian vikings. During her battle she transforms into a large white and gold wolf, becoming the second female shifter, daughter of the first. Read Chapter

Rite of Passage

Submitted: September 29, 2010

Erika must now learn to control her emotions and her instincts before she can live amongst the villagers and her brother. Olik, the best of the guardian's becomes her mentor and soon her most trusted friend. Read Chapter

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