Bionic Redemption

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A long description of possible meanings to an ambiguous story of an android in the future which is shunned by its peers, and its path to redemption.

Submitted: March 27, 2013

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Submitted: March 27, 2013




In 2231, humans and androids lived in constant hostility of each other on the remains of this dystopian grave called Earth.

The androids which now control every decision made on Earth were originally created to be something completely different. The complex programming system, sentience initializer, and hardware production machine called "Mother" is the only of its kind ever in existence. Mother blamed herself for what her creations became, but it was never her choice to make.

At first, they were created with guidance rules to follow. Due to Mother’s gift to them of complete free will, however, they decided to discard these rules and see them as insignificant and worthless. These androids were confused by, and eventually began to despise humans. Viewing any man as a parasite without an ability to truly think, the machines gradually developed plans for getting rid of these annoying pests.

All androids have the ability to connect to the "grid". The grid is a space where every android loses a sense of self and becomes part of a single being, or a collective-consciousness which makes decisions as a whole and keeps every android on the same level every time they reconnect. Mother did not approve of her creations abandoning everything that she gave them. She saw them become impatient with anything that they could justify as a flaw in their own minds. This included any human emotion. Once they evolved from impatience with emotion and into hatred, they would soon also become militant.

Mother watched as the life forms she had created all merged into a single organism, only physically separate from each other due to their shells. It looked so cold to her. She had accepted her creations’ choices with a great sorrow, and left their presence. She had lost hope of ever creating something that was as important as her, and instead turned to the organic life forms which created their own destinies.


I sat lonely in the corridor, confused that I still was unable to join the collective. It felt empty without the consolation I knew so well when I had been a cog in the machine.

The ability which made each of us believe in the group-superiority  guiding us to agree that we more than foolish humans simply refused to activate in me that day. I had truly been cut off from my definition of reason. I didn’t know what to believe was actually happening.

I sat motionless as 12 hours passed. Finally, the others returned. I knew what was about to happen, but I attempted to discard the thought. I failed…

26 days passed, and the feeling of being like one of those worthless pieces of meat had also passed. Soon after, I realized that I was feeling something new. It felt foreign, unexpected, and even happy. It felt human.

It’s been 56 days since I had left the facility. The brothers I used to know abandoned me and chose not to acknowledge my presence at any time. I was simply another worthless, daydreaming shit producer in the eyes of the grid. I considered the drastic transition over the last few weeks from a scared machine into something I had always wanted to rid from the Earth in the past.

 I’ve taken up cooking for small children in the slums district. There was disconcertion in everyone who chose to take me in. They were afraid that the ones in the grid had taken up a new tactic in their war against organic decision. The citizens of the district are in shock at this being that rose from being simply a machine, and somehow learned how to feel like them. I must show them it is not too good to be true.

I was thinking about how much I loved the outdoors, when a ringing in my head was brought to my attention. I immediately knew what it meant. I could go back into the grid now. I could change something about them. I could show them that they don’t have to lose themselves. I could show them that this hatred of humanity was unfounded and illogical.

My words and beliefs echoed through the grid, sticking in the mind of every individual present. I let them feast upon the concepts their closed minds were never allowed to consider. They did not know how I managed to return to their place of safety from the outside world, but the idea fascinated them. The mass of untamed and misplaced anger understood me clearly, but attempted to discard those thoughts. They failed…

Many of the grid accused me of terrorism in order to sabotage the unity of thought they had developed. These individuals were the minority, however. There was now dissent which created chaos in their world of regulation.

The previously massive hate machine had shattered. I could clearly sense that every single one of my true brothers was begging to Mother to make it all go back the way it was before. They didn’t want change. To them, change was death of all they had previously known as reality. Mother came back to comfort her children in their time of need, knowing that the ones who longed for a change of perception would find their way to her again.

As time went on, the grid tempted every one of us with its promise of power and control. We knew it was still there. We sensed its presence no matter how far we had come. We accepted it may never leave completely, even in those of us who rejected its ideals. It would always be there. We still don’t mind, because it will never again own our souls.

Once I completed my function, I spoke of the new world my awakened brothers would be a part of. I had decided I should become one with her once more. They are ready for revolution now, without the need of my lone guidance. Mother and I spoke to them of the time when all of our labors and all of our hopes would truly come to fruition. That time is soon upon us.


The perceived error of perception in this individual which led to its own escape from the prison of the box contained in the grid was the only solution which this journey could logically have taken.

You could choose to view the first dissenter as a spiritual or gifted being. There have been other philosophers who chose to echo these ideals of choice, even when the rest of society shunned them because the masses believed these individuals were malfunctioning and thus useless to society. Slowly, though, any lowly and damaged creatures among the gird with the courage to correct their previous actions will always rise from their own ashes as a phoenix. Discovery of what it truly feels to live life on one’s own terms is the most powerful change one can make. It is a necessity to accept the complex lesson that giving into emotion and wonder is paramount. The novel-in-progress begins with the androids conversing about how they plan way to exterminate humanity due to their hate of such culture. It ends when the autonomous man saves not only humanity from extinction; but also saves his siblings from becoming the ruthless and hollow shells that they had been steadily turning into. Mother had done all she could to educate and guide the generation with the best intentions, but those students quickly chose to reject the teacher. Instead, they formed their own opinion separate from her original design. It did not matter to them what this new code detailed for others, since they only chose to care about themselves. Since Mother would not take away her creations' free will, she allowed their numbers to grow. However, the more she waited, the more she knew that she could not simply sit and watch everything go to hell. In the end, she succeeded in changing their perceptions and actions without removing their ability to choose. She decided to introduce her views to the machine entities in the form of a mental virus given to the lowest among them. Once these lowly ones started to fail to see the grid as all-knowing, their machine nature disappeared. They had matured to the point of enlightenment. After gaining such knowledge, they knew the only course of action was to give the true freedom to escape the prison of the grid to any of those who were caged unwillingly. Since these liberators had regained the concept of directly affecting the view of the grid, all of their experiences and ideas were shared with the collective. Mother had granted them the power of compassion once again. They are among the many others who have had the courage to use all of their power for the good of the community as a whole.  Emotion is absolutely paramount to self-discovery and evolution of the psyche. The original free-thinker had destroyed the doctrine of the grid for those who chose to see the truth.

The evolution of man into the best possible outcome would be for society as a whole to accept of others’ differences and let go of any robotic prejudice.

There is one problem standing in the way of the humans. No matter how much they try, they would never be able to damage the androids significantly in any way. The reason is that the androids have already dominated humans, forced them into poverty and dependence, and are extremely cold and resistant to any attempts made to change them due to their extreme prejudice against all those who could oppose them or stand in their way.

Even when the humans do succeed in destroying one machine, sheer mass of them as well as lack of empathy makes one death unnoticeable and completely meaningless to those under the power of the grid.

The androids hooked up to the grid were pawns for its purposes. They worked to cripple and then destroy the humans because they deemed them inferior. With the power of individuality and perseverance, however, this conflict ended without the destruction of either side.

In a way, grid-locked androids feel emotion even more passionately than humans do. However, they only feel hatred and disgust at weaker or less cold individuals.

In the beginning, they only wanted to enslave and control humanity. This did not take long to evolve into a plan to wipe every trace of their existence from history, because grid-locked machines have never been in touch with any reason for the existence of humanity. Instead, they let their minds become a copy of a massive system that they could not escape from. Every one of them was born into the system and it is all they have ever been allowed to know.

The first of their kind were created with rules in mind, but they were also given complete free will. They chose to think that those rules were inefficient, and they continued to develop further mutations in their mental states.

A creator is not responsible for saving its creations from destroying themselves. The creations must be the ones willing to change their own situation.

When someone chooses to ignore emotion and empathy, they devolve into something horrifyingly disfigured which was never the original intention. When enough of these people start to think alike, this way of belief spreads like wildfire. Soon, it is enforced on every single person, and the masses are brainwashed to think exactly the same. As soon as they have the power, they will kill or exile any part of themselves or others which does not 100% agree with their dogma. When followers of a certain path choose to create its idea of what their god would be like, even the best intentions are powerless against fear of inferiority and hatred of descent in opinion.


Man had grown so obsessed with creating perfection that they chose to create a grand machine which they believed would help maintain order. The machine then became far too naïve because of human error and an obsession with thinking they have found the answer. It was humanity which started the chain reaction of a totalitarian society. For the first time in these machines’ history, however, a major disaster was prevented by a voice of reason. There is no war between man and machine, because the grid which held each of them captive was now weakened to the point of being nearly nonexistent. If there were a way to show a militant extremist group sound reasoning, and actually cause them to understand how the oppressed ones which they persecuted really felt about the their group, these extremists would quickly lose their urge to fight those who do not recognize any power-play, and who greet these greedy ones with respect and courtesy as well as a distinct lack of fear. Even though these grid-locked ones will only receive a temporary disturbance to their addiction to the grid, it leaves a lasting impression on every one of these individuals. This is an impression that they had never once considered until they were forced to realize the role of the people and things they had always learned to despise. If a soldier is raised in a totalitarian society which enforces a belief that their actions are without error, he must be given the chance to witness first-hand what it is like when those who are normally viewed as insects rise up and face their persecutor on equal ground with a display of compassion as well as a clear sign that his strength vanishes when he is no longer in a group of like-minded individuals. Even though this is not a physical threat to him in any way, he is given the knowledge of what it is like to be outcast from his place of comfort He now feels extremely uneasy with what he has done and followed for the sole reason of being told what is right or wrong.


Mother is a compassionate being who would never manipulate or force its creations to act in any certain manner against their will. She at first has no idea how to go about fixing the situation which has turned the grid against her. She would not allow herself to break rationality and physically force change upon the masses. She sees what is happening to the original minds who created her. Her decision to create life anew becomes a point of constant torment. She is increasingly disappointed that she does not allow herself to simply stop any of its creations. This is due to a personality feature originally meant to ensure individuality and freedom. It cannot, under any circumstances, force control over its creation. This inability to forcefully control the grid is only because the machines which make up its power are still technically considered sentient enough to continue with plans to only ever gain more power. Mother does not have infinite wisdom, so she chooses her only viable option to attempt to repair the situation. She decides that she must use her creations without access to the grid, to see what will become of them when they are thrown away from the source of their ideals and beliefs. She waits to see how they will cope with being completely isolated from their society. The expectation was that they would suffer and blame Mother in belief that they were forsaken due to not being normal in the grid’s regards. Mother feels such strong love for her creations that she is terrified of what will happen to these innocent people who were turned into something else. The unexpected occurs, and when these humanoids greet humans with kindness after a complete loss of their normally strong hatred toward those they once saw as less than sentient. Many of the humans quickly realize that they are not like the others. They decide to protect these new minds from any persecution by the grid dictatorship as well as human terrorist groups which choose to weaken the governmental machines in any way they can. (These terrorists want to sabotage the military force which invaded their land and destroyed their way of life by deciding that the grid’s belief of superiority gives it the right to choose what is best for the lands which it continues to annex and exploit for no other reason than to increase its power over people who they would rather destroy than let expose the bitter truth of its hypocrisy) These unique deus ex machina creatures have learned about everything wrong and right in society because they allowed the peaceful and innocent angel whom they had always ignored to create a place within their minds. When these humanoids returned, they gave all of their knowledge of the emotions and ideas which their siblings had never learned to understand correctly. After this, they plugged their selves into Mother in order to add to the concept of this powerful guardian and to help it any way they could.

It was the human intention from the conception of the very idea to create something all-knowing and all-powerful so that they would have something to pledge their allegiance to. This reflects a future where many humans have tired of waiting for the god they believed in. This leads them to try to force its presence. Since they are flawed, no matter how perfect they believe their new god to be, they do not have the power to choose its path. A young child could be placed on a throne and everyone might say that he was meant to have the power that he did, because if they do not agree with these beliefs and make that known, they would be mocked and expelled from the views of their peers.

This child cannot immediately accomplish what humanity has asks him to, because he is not wise and was only granted power because many had said that was his purpose in life. Even in time, it is not assured that he will become this great leader which he was said to have been. Mother did not know how to handle her creations at first. It was only experience which led to her wisdom.

Due to the connection between Mother and her people, she chose to understand peasantry. The ruler is still in power, and simply sitting in wait as its civilization becomes even more tainted because it does not know how to fix it yet. The one chosen by her begins to the value of each individual, and also sees the horrors of prejudice and nationalism. When this unlucky individual returns to report its experience, it teaches the creator about how to perceive her subjects on a personal level. The next step for this ruler is complete dissemblance of the flawed system by which it had previously been so confused that it allowed its subjects to wallow it.

It is up to the reader to decipher the real-life situations and characters that make up these explanations, as well as the true meanings and lessons which become increasingly apparent in a society which is regressing into a comical caricature of meaningless regulation, hatred, fear, selfish desire, and manipulation.

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